AIMP for Android v3.20

Artem | 2021-10-26 20:24:46 | Views: 3405643

Meet, AIMP for Android v3.20! Now it in release!

In this version, file access based on new privacy friendly API forced by Google (used for Android 11 and newer).

Whats new in 3.20?
  • General: Migration to API 30 (Android 11)
  • General: Android v5.0 is now minimal supported operation system version
  • General: performance has been improved
  • General: the "keep screen on" option has been added

  • UI: visual appearance of app and widgets has been updated
  • UI: new skins has been added (thanks to ZeoN7 and AJ)
  • UI: the Pandemic skin has been merged with the Bliss skin and can be selected as separate theme
  • UI: an ability to auto-adjust theme accent to album art colors

  • Player: internet-radio - an ability to customize buffer size
  • Playlist: an ability to share multiple files at once
  • Playlist: search usability has been improved
  • Equalizer: an ability to enter band gain value via numeric dialog

More details about new features you can find in our blog.


Refer to download center to download it now.

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