AIMP 4 for Android

On March 15, 2013, we have published first mobile version of AIMP. 10 years have passed since that moment! In that time we’ve come a long way – from the simplest version with just a few buttons and playlist, to a version that supports multi-playlists, NAS, cloud storages and much more. Yes, perhaps the development was not as fast as many people wanted, but Android also evolved: the requirements for applications changed, restrictions were introduced, new versions of firmware based on this OS appeared with a different behavior of basic functions. Much of the time was simply spent on adapting the application to the new things.

Today we glad to present you AIMP4, the next big update for the mobile version of player for Android OS.

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The welcome screen is the first thing the user sees when launching the product installer. Welcome screens usually present general information about the product being installed and describe how the installer itself works. Simple enough, it would seem.

However, there’s one more thing of particular interest – the banner. In most cases you’ll find it to the left of the text. Each software manufacturer designs banners differently – while someone takes an extremely creative approach, others go with the logo or a screenshot of the app.

And what about AIMP banners?

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