AIMP v4.10 Beta for Android

Artem | 2024-03-09 13:00:00 | Views: 2740652

Public beta-testing of AIMP v4.10 for Android OS has been started.

This is second update for AIMP4 focused on features for music library that were not included to release.

Whats new?
  • General: compatibility with the Android 14 has been improved
  • General: usability has been improved
  • General: search in settings dialog
  • General: WavPack codec has been updated to v5.7
  • Android Auto: an access to music library database
  • Android Auto: an ability to hide top level navigation tree nodes
  • Playlist: an ability to create desktop shortcut (Android 7 or newer)
  • Playlist: an ability to disable the "Favorites" feature
  • Queue: an ability to disable the feature
  • Queue: an ability to export to playlist
  • Music Library: an ability to remove tracks physically
  • Music Library: an ability to sort the tracks by playback count
  • Music library: improved performance of file indexing


Please report about all issues via feedback form and our forum.

Please refer to the beta-testing rules topic before send bug reports, try as much as possible to describe in detail the situation in which the error occurred, or provide the steps to reproduce. Do not forget to mention the full version of the program.

Forum section of AIMP for Android


Note that version is test, it may contains many bugs!


Join to beta-testing to download new version of player now.

AIMP updates

Artem | 2024-02-29 12:45:06 | Views: 3629671

AIMP v5.30 for PC
  • Sound Engine: AC3 codec support has been added for MKA container
  • Player: CUE sheets catching algorithm has been improved
  • Player: hotkeys editor's usability has been improved
  • Playlist: M3U - support for #EXTGRP tag
  • Playlist: XSPF - support for the "Annotation" and the "Info" fields
  • Playlist: XSPF - improve relative paths generation
  • Tag Editor: unknown fields - an ability to delete all at once
  • Tag Editor: improve performance of batch editing of links to radio stations
  • Fixed issues from incoming bug-reports

AIMP v4.05 for Android
  • Android Auto: support of voice commands has been improved
  • Player: CUE sheets catching algorithm has been improved
  • Playlist: XSPF - improve relative paths generation
  • Fix issues from incoming bug-reports

Survey results

Artem | 2024-01-27 00:06:56 | Views: 5125656

Please, refer to our blog to get the survey results.

AIMP for PC v5.30

Artem | 2023-12-01 11:45:41 | Views: 7615405

AIMP v5.30 has been released!

What's new?
  • Audio converter: presets for the OGG aoTuV command line encoder (thx Soolo)
  • Bookmarks: support for "find missed files"
  • Music library: improved performance of operations on large databases
  • Music Library: support for mathematic operators with data of the "year" field
  • Playlist: ability to delete track along with the parent folder
  • Playlist: batch export and update operations
  • Playlist: improved performance of operations on large playlists
  • Plugins: information bar - ability to show app's notifications
  • Plugins: information bar - the "%Playlist" macro has been added
  • Sound engine: ability to use few DSP plugins at same time
  • Sound engine: support for 768 kHz sampling rate
  • Sound engine: support for VST-plugins
  • Tag editor: ability to undo last three changes
  • Tag Editor: added support of "Key" tag field
  • Tag Editor: now you can choose format for lyrics export
  • And much more...

Refer to "new features overview" blog post for more details.

AIMP for Android v4.05

Artem | 2023-11-10 09:04:20 | Views: 8479688

Minor update for AIMP4 for Android.

What's new in v4.05?
  • General: 3rd party libraries has been updated
  • General: detection and notification about background playback restrictions
  • General: memory consumption has been reduced
  • File Manager: optimization of operations with files
  • Player: support for MIDI files (using system decoders)
  • Playlist: the "insert after playing" command has been added
  • Tag editor: an ability to import/export lyrics from/to file
  • Music Library: an ability to group tracks in album by disk number
  • Music Library: "Genres" view now contains "artists" and "albums" sub-levels
  • Music Library: "Go to album" command has been added to menu of playing track
  • Music Library: merging of sub-levels with single values
  • Fixed: general - app start lead the system.ui package to crash on Oppo/Motorola devices running Android 12 (thanks to Oleg O. for the help)
  • Fixed: playlist - the "codepage for ansi-tags" not initialized correctly in certain cases (regression 4.02)
  • Fixed: player - album arts for MP4 files does not load on Android 13
  • Fixed: few issues with integration to Android Auto
  • Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

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