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AIMP v3.20 for OS Android is recently completed the beta testing stage and users started to complain of difficulties that occurred with sd-card file access. In this article, we’ll try to answer all questions. 

We summarized the majority of your feedback to the following questions: 

  • App has all permissions, but no one folder in the list!
  • Why can’t I add the Downloads folder? 
  • Why should I add each folder separately? 
  • Why can’t I specify the sd-card’s root as a path to a file? 
  • Why is the new approach not optional? 
  • The new version slows down. The previous versions were much better! 

Excursus in history 

Starting with Android 10, Google decided to attend to privacy. The company did all its bests to prevent user data from illegal access from third-party applications. 

That’s how the Scoped Storage mechanism has appeared. How does it work? The main feature is what third-party applications do not have full access to the file system anymore (even in reading mode). These applications can access only those files and folders to which a user is granted access (yes, you can grant access to individual files).  

However, the use of the Scoped Storage mechanism had recommended, but optional character in Android 10. Developers could choose between the Scoped Storage and classic access mechanism. 

Android 11 release changed everything. Now Scoped Storage is the only mechanism that third-party applications can use. The exception applies only to certain program categories such as file managers, antiviruses, and other built-in applications. 

Now, when you are filled in how Android evolution affects our work, we can answer your questions. 


App has all permissions, but no one folder in the list!

Additionally to usual permissions that grant to app at first starting, you need to grant an access to each folders. If you miss hints from the app, do following steps to do that: open playlist screen via main menu or swipe gesture, click the “+” button to invoke built-in file manager dialog:

To grant an access to specified folder click the “banner” or the “+” button.

If app display error message instead of invoke system dialog, make sure that you have installed and enabled system app called “Files” or “Documents”. Additionally, try to install official Google Files app.

Why can’t I add the Downloads folder? 

The Downloads folder stores everything you download. It means that this folder can also contain confidential files. That’s why Google allows you to grant permission only to individual files instead of the entire folder. 

Why should I add each folder separately? Why can’t I specify the sd-card’s root as a path to a file? 

The same situation as with the previous question. When you give access to the sd-card’s root, you also grant access to all its internal folders that can store confidential files. It’s unsafe, so Google blocks this action. 

How do old applications work on Android 11? 

Such applications work in backward compatibility mode with that Android version for which they were developed. Therefore, the mechanism’s requirements do not apply to them. 

Why did you adapt AIMP for Andriod 11? It would be better if you released AIMP updates for the previous OS version. 

Google envisaged this: you have to update your OS to the previous (as a minimum) Android version until the 1st of November. For instance, since this year developers were obliged to migrate to Android 11 or Android 12. Otherwise, Google will forbid them to release application updates. 

The new version slows down. 

It’s one of the main disadvantages of the Scoped Storage mechanism. We have been tried to do all our best for a bit over three months to maintain the same performance as in the previous version. Unfortunately, we have not been able to achieve this goal. 

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  1. andrey999933

    Хороший плеер, но есть таки проблема, нет выбора ассоциаций, я бы хотел в меню настроек иметь выбор типа файлов, а так получается при создании плей листа, в него попадает буквально всё и муз файл и голосовые с ватсап и вот именно голосовые ватсап я слушать в плеере не хочу. может исправить как то это маленькое не удобство.

    1. Artem Post author

      1. ассоциация с файлами в андроид не возможна.
      2. в плейлист попадает ровно то, что вы выберите. Полагаю, вы решили добавить в плеер корень карты памяти.

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