Recap 2023

2023 is coming to its end, so let’s summarize its results.

Roadmap for 2023?


In this year, we made following major features in AIMP for PC:

  • Support for VST2
    Additionally, you can use several DSP and VST effects at same time
  • Playback via DLNA
    Implemented as separate plugin
  • Made possible to undo last few changes in tag editor
  • Increased performance of music library and playlists operations
  • Improved an abilities of the “information bar” plugin
  • and more small improvements

Refer to detailed overview of changes we made.

The “Internet Radio Catalog” and “Sound Recorder” planned features are postponed again.

AIMP for Android

  • Music Library!
    Now, app will search and index your music automatically by itself!
  • New welcome wizard, detailed guides and new hints
    We hope that now it will be much easier to get started
  • Tag Editor
    Support for ID3, MP4 and Vorbis Comments (OGG and FLAC) tags
  • Playlists Manager
    that make easier to operate with playlists and allows you to perform actions with several playlists simultaneously
  • Playlists grouping
    will be so useful if your playlist list is too huge

Refer to detailed overview of changes we made.

Roadmap 2024

Roadmap 2024 is not yet ready. Please take a few minutes to answer a few questions in roadmap survey. We would like to hear your opinion about features that you would like to see in next AIMP versions.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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