Cumulative updates

Artem | 2022-06-06 07:47:23 | Views: 8735825

v3.22 для Android:

What's new?
  • General: the BASS libraries has been updated
  • Fixed: file adding dialog - files in mp2/mp1 format are not listed
  • Fixed: general - app does not receive notifications about mount/unmount USB-devices on Android 11/12
  • Fixed: general - unable to connect to smb-server if non-default port is used
  • Fixed: playlist - bookmark lost when quickly switching playback between playlists

v5.03 RC для Windows:

What's new?
  • Default skin: information box - added an ability to hide extra information pane
  • Default skin: information box - added the lyricist tag field
  • General: added support for images in WebP format (you need to put the libwebp.dll to app folder)
  • Playlist: XSPF - support for relative paths in preimage settings
  • Plugins: tak_deco_lib has been updated to v2.3.3 (64-bit version has been added)
  • Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved
  • Skin Engine: snapping window bounds during resizing to bounds of other windows
  • Fixed other minor issues


Artem | 2022-04-12 23:00:00 | Views: 10205045

AIMP v3.22 for Android

Minor update for mobile app version:
  • Fixed: general - unable to play files via smb protocol, if file path contains a @ character
  • Fixed: skin engine - album arts are scaled without anti-aliasing (regression)

AIMP v5.02

Cumulative update for AIMP v5.02:
  • Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved
  • Fixed: last selected path is not saved for some file dialogs
  • Fixed: playlists are displayed in different order from real one
  • Fixed: no way to authorize to discogs from countries that has UTC offset more that 3 hours
Fixes in skin-engine also affected to skin editor. If you using the skin editor, please download new version.

AIMP v5.03 Beta 1

Additionally, today we are starting public beta-testing of v5.03. Major feature of this release is native 64-bit support. Now player will be released in two editions: 32-bit and 64-bit.

Full list of changes in v5.03 you will find in our blog.

Please report about all issues via feedback form and our forum.

Please refer to the beta-testing rules topic before send bug reports, try as much as possible to describe in detail the situation in which the error occurred, or provide the steps to reproduce. Do not forget to mention the full version of the program.

Download test version.

AIMP for Android v3.22

Artem | 2022-03-02 10:21:01 | Views: 9997042

What's new?
  • Equalizer: an ability to rename active preset (just click on it name)
  • Equalizer: now presets sorts automatically by their names
  • File Adding Dialog: now filesystem cache flushes automatically on invoke the dialog
  • General: localizations has been updated
  • Headset: added new option that defines how commands from the "" package will be handled
  • Player: the "track repeat" option now takes precedence over the "jump to next track" option
  • Sound Engine: the "prevent device from sleeping" option has been added to prevent from clicks when device suspends/resumes output
  • Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports
  • Fixed: playlist - the "allow fast scrolling" option cannot be switched off

Download new version

AIMP v5.02

Artem | 2022-02-22 08:10:48 | Views: 7575371

What's new in v5.02?
  • General: an ability to search by app settings
  • General: 3rd party libraries has been updated
  • Audio Converter: cache for I/O operations
  • Player: album arts cache system has been redesigned
  • Player: the "track repeat" option now takes precedence over the "jump to next track" option
  • Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved
  • Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of DropBox service
  • Plugins: scheduler - start playback action - added the "start from beginning" option
  • Fixed: sound engine - ASIO - an attempt to initialize inaccessible device lead app to crash
  • Fixed: plugins - scheduler - countdown timer shows incorrect data if more than a day is left
  • Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the date and time of the event repetition calculates incorrectly in certain cases if the event was triggered at the moment the PC was woken up
  • Fixed: tag editor - MP4 - an AV error occurs on attempt to save tags to a file that does not have the UDTA-atom
  • Fixed: tag editor - MP4 - re-save the tags may lead to file corruption if the file contains chapters in utf-8 encoding
  • Fixed: tag editor - the "duplicates not allowed" error occurs on attempt to reorder table groups
  • Fixed: tag editor - WMA - re-save the tags lead duplicate the WM/GenreID tag field

Download new version

Roadmap 2022

Artem | 2022-02-08 09:01:45 | Views: 5736590

Today we have published roadmap of 2022

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