AIMP v5.10

Better code-name for v5.10 is “features forgotten by time”. The release includes quite old and not so popular features, but which users ask for every now and then. Most of them are cosmetic or improves app usability.

New Formats


  • Codec has been updated to v5.50
  • Added support for correction files (*.wvc).
    Correction file is used as addon for hybrid (lossy) encoding mode, it used by decoder to restore source audio signal without loss.
  • Added support for DSD-signal
    WavPack 5 introduced DSD-signal compression. Now, you will able to play wavpack-compressed DSD files.

Compressed tracker music

Added support for tracker music formats with ZIP-compression, such as: MDZ, ITZ, S3Z, XMZ.



Added an ability to create smart-playlist based on podcasts from grouping tree pane.

Now, new files will be added to the end of playlist during manual synchronization with pre-image if user reordered the items in playlist manually via drag-n-drop.


The “randomize” command has been extended with few new modes:

  • Randomize groups
    Randomizes groups only, their items will keep the original order
  • Randomize groups items
    Randomizes items inside groups, the groups will keep the original order
  • Randomize groups and their items
    This mode is combination of previous two. In this mode, player will reorder groups and their items separately. Unlike the “randomize” mode, groups will not be splitted to few parts in this case.

Additionally, we have added similar command to context menu of playlist group. The command randomizes items inside current group only.


As you can see on screenshot above, the “sort by” menu contains a new item called “Group by…”. This sub-menu contains templates used to group playlist “just at few clicks”:

List of available templates can be extended or modified in app settings.

Starting this version, template that used for grouping and sorting will be marked with “dot” glyph in menu.


Now, quick search keeps 10 recently used search queries. To navigate through the queries, use the “up” and “down” keystrokes when search string is empty or all text is selected.

Additionally, we have added the “send to command” to context menu of result list in advanced search dialog.


We have added two new playlist behavior settings:

  • First setting provides an ability to specify when playlist will able to scroll to playing track automatically
  • Second setting extends capabilities when a single file imports from external application

Tag Editor


Now, expression support is enabled by default. Additionally, the Advanced Tag Editor tool now keeps 10 recently used expressions and provides quick access to this list.

Batch mode

We have added an ability to switch on the “batch mode” for tag editor built-in to player. Just switch on the “batch mode” option in the “player” options sheet in app settings dialog.



Hotkeys list has been extended with new three commands:

  • Previous / Next bookmark
    Playing track should have chapters or custom bookmarks
  • Bring main window to top

Editing sound effects values

Now, you can enter exact value for sound effect slider via keyboard:

To invoke the editor, double-click on the slider or press the “return” keystroke on it.

Reset to defaults

In this version, we have introduced an ability to reset settings to their defaults:

The “reset to defaults” action provides three modes:

  • Reset settings on current page
    New values will be applied after click the “apply” or the “OK” buttons
  • Reset all settings
    User-created content (such as: playlist, skins, plugins and etc) WILL NOT be reset, but content formatting / appearance settings will.
  • Reset all settings and user data
    This option removes all settings and user data to recycle bin and re-start the app from scratch (like it just installed). You will able to restore all data and settings from the recycle bin if necessary, but ensure that the app is not running.

OS Integration


Added support for recents list in context menu of app’s task bar button:

Next / Previous track

Now, hints for navigation buttons of aero peek window contains an information about next / previous track:

Pin window position

Skinned windows now provides an ability to pin their position on the screen:

User will not able to move or resize the window while it position is pinned.

* * *

The v5.10 beta version is already available to download from our site or beta update channel.

15 thoughts on “AIMP v5.10

  1. YuriCode

    Будет ли добавляться поддержка для линукса и, соответственно, сборки для этой ОС? Хотя бы для вариаций убунту/дебиан.

      1. PR1G0RYAN

        Если когда-то будет желание перенести проект на C++ или нативную поддержку Linux – готов помочь с реализацией

        1. Artem Post author

          Часть кода AIMP лежит на гитхабе опенсурс – можете попробовать свои силы (на моей памяти уже трое таких энтузиастов было…)

  2. BlueDrako

    iso.wv container can not be opened with aimp 5.xx 64bit version. It will be corrected in future or we still need to use 32bit version forever???

  3. danya14

    Здраствуйте, у меня такая проблема в редакторе тэгов не работает автозаполнение с помощью онлайн-сервисов, на Discogs я авторизован а вот обложки м содержимое не показывает версия 5.10.2414 на предыдущих версия было то же самое. Очень не удобно заполнять вручную может что подскажите.

  4. rata400

    С каждым обновлением, приложение становится только хуже.
    После обновления до новой версии приложение, Аимп ТРИ РАЗА за ОДИН вечер, повесил мне на глушняк компьютер.
    Вопрос как отключить поиск обновлений чтобы ваш продут не пытался мне подсунуть еще более худшую версию приложения чем та, которая у меня есть сейчас?
    Где взять старую версию которая работала стабильней этого отсоя?

    1. Artem Post author

      Все старые версии выложены на сайте. Берете, и качаете, а если нужно порешать проблему – просто обратитесь в тех.поддержку. Баги мы фиксим и стараемся делать это весьма оперативно.

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