AIMP Skin Editor v3.60 has been released!

Artem | 2014-12-29 22:04:54 | Views: 8025038

What's new in AIMP Skin Editor v3.60 in comparison with 3.55?
  • Editor: An ability to apply font without closing the dialog
  • Editor: An ability to change color of cells of magnifier by clicking on its glyph
  • Editor: An ability to move elements via mouse by vertically / horizontally only if the Shift key is pressed
  • Editor: An ability to scroll work area horizontally via mouse wheel with pressed the Shift key
  • Editor: Binding Editor - a close button has been added to the caption of provider's card
  • Editor: common - an ability to build and apply built skin to the player via single mouse click
  • Editor: Custom Providers - added button to toolbar
  • Editor: Custom Providers - an ability to rename provider
  • Editor: Custom Providers - the list of provides is now grouped by type of provider
  • Editor: Magnifier - an ability to change cell color
  • Editor: Magnifier - An ability to change zoom factor via Ctrl + mouse wheel
  • Editor: Magnifier - an additional cells well be displayed if zoom factor is more than 5x
  • Editor: Magnifier - maximal zoom factor value is increased to x50
  • Editor: Work Area - an ability to switch off offset element after clone
  • Editor: Work Area - guides are now supported

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