AIMP for Android v3.22

Artem | 2022-03-02 10:21:01 | Views: 10031293

What's new?
  • Equalizer: an ability to rename active preset (just click on it name)
  • Equalizer: now presets sorts automatically by their names
  • File Adding Dialog: now filesystem cache flushes automatically on invoke the dialog
  • General: localizations has been updated
  • Headset: added new option that defines how commands from the "" package will be handled
  • Player: the "track repeat" option now takes precedence over the "jump to next track" option
  • Sound Engine: the "prevent device from sleeping" option has been added to prevent from clicks when device suspends/resumes output
  • Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports
  • Fixed: playlist - the "allow fast scrolling" option cannot be switched off

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