AIMP for Android v3.00 released!

Artem | 2019-12-10 12:30:46 | Views: 8826940

Today we have released of AIMP v3.00 for Android OS!

Whats new?
  • General: Android v4.4 is now minimal supported operation system version
  • General: native supports of x86-64
  • General: import / export of user's data and settings
  • General: an ability to control playback via gestures in area of album art
  • General: supports for custom CarPC based on Android OS
  • General: supports for the smb:// protocol - support for shared Windows folders
  • General: performance has been improved

  • UI: new app design
  • UI: an ability to customize accent intensity
  • UI: an ability to hide status bar
  • UI: an ability to switch manually between tablet and phone layouts
  • UI: style of settings dialog is now depended from used skin
  • UI: support for night mode
  • UI: support for non-square album arts
  • UI: the Pandemic skin has been added as additional built-in skin
  • UI: waveform-navigator support (skin must support this feature too)
  • UI: welcome screen has been added

  • Bookmarks: now you can delete bookmarks for non-existent files via the swipe-to-refresh gesture

  • Sound engine: cross-mixing feature now take tracks duration into account and automatically reduces mixing time if necessary

  • File Adding Dialog: a "home screen" has been added that contains a list of all available volumes and sd-cards
  • File Adding Dialog: an ability to pin folders at home screen
  • File Adding Dialog: an ability to sort content by name / last modified
  • File Adding Dialog: supports of the swipe-to-refresh gesture

  • Playlist: sorting and grouping templates a completely redesigned
  • Playlist: the %FileModifiedDateAndTime macro has been added
  • Playlist: the swipe-to-refresh gesture now works only if you drag the list at top edge

  • Sleep timer: the "at end of queue" event has been added
  • Sleep timer: shake device before the action now restarts the timer instead of cancel the action.

  • Skin Engine: potential abilities has been extended


New version is already available in our download center.

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