AIMP for Android v2.90 has been released!

Artem | 2019-05-06 21:30:20 | Views: 8716912

AIMP for Android v2.90 has been released!

Whats new?
  • Equalizer Presets Chooser: an ability to preview the preset before apply
  • Player: an ability to adjust rewind speed by holding the "previous track" / "next track" buttons
  • Player: an ability to download album arts from Internet only if Wi-Fi connection is used
  • Player: an ability to pause / resume playback automatically when volume level become zero / become non-zero (optional)
  • Player: support for lyrics in the SRT / LRC / CUE file formats
  • Player: the "Save player state during the playlist navigation via "next / previous file" buttons" option has been added
  • Playlists: an ability to define shuffle playback mode for each playlist separately (optional)
  • Sound Engine: an ability to adjust resampler performance/quality
  • Sound Engine: experimental support of AAudio-based output mode (Android 8 or newer)
  • Sound Engine: now app automatically switches between equalizer presets on switching between headset and phone speaker
  • Sound Engine: playback options for tracker music have been added
  • Sound Engine: the peak-based volume normalization has been added
  • Full change log...

Detailed Review
Also you can find a detailed review of new features in our blog.

Note that update distribution through Google Play will be conducted in several stages and will take about two weeks. If you dont want to wait for an update - you can download new version now from our site.

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