AIMP for Android v2.85

Artem | 2018-12-20 21:13:43 | Views: 8399544

New version of AIMP for Android has been released!

Whats new?
  • Default Skin: black theme has been added
  • Headset: support for vibration response to the command
  • Player: album art initialization has been moved to separate thread - app performance has been increased
  • Player: the "pause playback on app startup" option has been added
  • Playlist: behavior settings on import the files from external applications has been added
  • Playlist: the "Favorites" playlist now has a separate item in navigation menu
  • Widgets: all widgets for desktop now can be sized from 1x1 to 5x5 (for Android 4.1 and newer)
  • Widgets: the "add to Favorites / remove from Favorites" button has been added

Refer to the article in our blog for more information about new features of AIMP for Android v2.85.

Download it now!

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