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YouTube plugin v1.7

AdrianEddy | 2023-09-08 | 25.1 MB | Downloads: 353336

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v3.60 or newer
Type: Extensions
Target: 32-bit, 64-bit

+ User videos and playlists (including private)
+ Can load YouTube URLs (videos, channels, playlists)
+ Can manage your YouTube playlists (add or remove videos)
+ Multi-language support
+ Exclusions
+ Automatically loads new items (playlists, users, all custom urls)
+ Local and global shortcuts
+ Delete current song from disk = Add to exclusions
+ Add to bookmarks = Add to youtube favorites
+ Can load multiple YouTube playlists to one AIMP playlist (with grouping enabled in AIMP)
+ Open source

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

MonkeyMote v1.2.3

Obsidium Software | 2023-07-07 | 1.3 MB | Downloads: 88689

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v5.00 or newer
Type: Extensions, Remote Controlling
Target: 32-bit, 64-bit

MonkeyMote gives you a full-fledged wireless music remote control for your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 7 or later and your Android phone or tablet running 4.0.3 or later.

The app connects to your Windows PC via your WiFi network and allows you to instantly view information about currently playing tracks, control every important playback feature and conveniently browse your complete media library.

All you need to do is download and install the plug-in on your PC and get the appropriate app from the iTunes App Store or the Play Store.

Key features:
  • Playback control
  • Display song information and cover art
  • View and control the current playlist
  • Load playlists from your library
  • Save multiple connection profiles

How to install and use.

Windows 10 Media Control v2.0.4

JD | 2023-05-25 | 113.7 KB | Downloads: 110360

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v4.50 or newer
Type: Extensions
Target: 32-bit, 64-bit

Integrates AIMP to the Media Control of Windows 10, provides an ability to control playback and displays information about playing file.

Current Track Info to Any v1.2.1

Korney San | 2023-04-26 | 3 MB | Downloads: 476552

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v5.00 or newer
Type: Others
Target: 32-bit, 64-bit

Puts current track info to text file or COM port

SkipTrack v2.3.5

spiteful | 2023-04-03 | 1.1 MB | Downloads: 65148

PreviewPlatform: Windows
App Version: v4.00 or newer
Type: Extensions
Target: 32-bit, 64-bit

Plugin provides an ability to skip tracks in shuffle mode from playback queue, that have been played for a certain period

Requirepments: the "Allow statistics" option should be switched on in the Options Plugins Audio Library
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