AIMP for Android v2.85

In this version we continue working on features that have been introduced in v2.80. Special attention was paid to interaction with playlist, in particular, to interaction with special playlist that called “Favorites”.


The “Favorites”

Tab of the “favorites” playlist has been moved to commands area of main menu. Now it should not lost among the many open playlists:

“Import from external apps”

The “import from external apps” settings category has been ported from PC’s version:

  • Action: add to active playlist / add to “Default” playlist / add to empty “Default” playlist
  • Import playlist files to separate tabs
  • Start playback immediately


Behavior Settings

The “action on startup” setting has been extended with new option – “suspend the playback”. In this case, if player was not stopped before closing, player will restore it state on startup as well as if the “restore state” option is used, but will pause the playback.

Album Arts

In this version we have optimized code that works with album arts. Now app uses memory for image storage more efficiently, and now all preparing operations for images operates in separate background thread. So, these means that player will be more responsive during switching the tracks.


Special attention was paid to desktop widgets that had no updates so long time.


All widgets can be resized from 1×1 to 6×6 now (Android 4.1 or newer is required). Widgets will adjust its content layout dependent from current size:







The “Favorites”

As you can see on screenshots above, long widgets contains a new “like” button. This button provides an ability to add / remove currently playing track from the “Favorites” playlist.


Now, all widgets synchronizes its color scheme with currently used skin if colors scheme was not customized. Note that to enable this feature for already created widgets you should open the configuration dialog and reset color scheme to default values.

User Interface

In v2.85 unlike v2.80 we have made not so many changes in user interface:

High Contrast

We have introduced a high contrast color scheme that called “Black Bliss” to default skin:

Navigation Menu

The “Favorites” playlist tab has been moved to commands area of main menu. The “settings” button has been moved to bottom of main menu and placed near the “about” button:

* * *

Start of public beta-testing was planned to beginning of November.

10 thoughts on “AIMP for Android v2.85

  1. Xwansu

    Спасибо за обновление!
    Порадовала новая контрастная тема Black Bliss, правда я ожидал черную тему (для amoled-экранов)
    Перенос кнопки Настройка тоже кажется логичным, плюс открытие окна настроек теперь не глючит как раньше

    1. Zhenya

      >> плюс открытие окна настроек теперь не глючит как раньше

      Что за глюк? Не помню что-то такого.

      1. Xwansu

        При открытии окна настроек – боковое навигационное меню, кажись, скрывалось не плавно, а с рывками. Теперь же, как я заметил, Навигационное меню вообще не закрывается, а окно с настройками открывается с анимацией снизу-вверх =)

  2. DanielRusy

    Непонятное с громкостью,включаю таймер сна(не надо что бы он работал достаточно нажать на запуск и отключить) >прирост громкости на ~+30%

  3. Sputnik1961


    I never thought I would ever replace VLC as my go-to music player – until I downloaded AIMP to my android phone yesterday. It’s fast and smooth, with excellent customization options, love the equalizer and the new black skin. Большое спасибо and С Новым Годом!

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