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Открыто публичное бета тестирование

Artem | 2010-12-20 23:55:56 | Views: 6551423

We are glad to announce the beginning of the public testing AIMP3!

We think that we have been waiting for this moment as you - no end of of time and trouble were invested in the development of AIMP3.
Of course, we are still faced with a lot of work - because it is just a test version at this moment, but it is not a release.

Some of the major changes are worth noting:
  • A new style of both the program and the project in whole
  • Full support for semitransparent textures in the skins
  • Our own sound engine (sound output system)
  • Completely redesigned the Audio Library
  • Full support of the ReplayGain

More detailed information can be found here.

Please, report all issues which were found through Feedback form and / or by our forum.
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