AIMP for Windows v4.60 released!

Artem | 2019-08-19 22:28:35 | Views: 8767510

Today we have released AIMP for Windows v4.60!

Whats New?
  • General: clouds support
  • General: podcasts support
  • General: support of dark mode introduced in Windows 10

  • UI: an ability to disable auto-hiding of windows that docked to screen edges in desktop toolbars mode
  • UI: now you not need to hold Ctrl key to scroll tabs playlists via mouse wheel

  • Audio converter: added an ability to pause conversion operation
  • Audio converter: an ability to customize hotkeys

  • Player: an ability to capture only one track from internet radio
  • Player: an ability to specify album art for internet radio
  • Player: the "jump to next track and pause the playback" option has been added
  • Player: the "pause the playback on app startup" option has been added
  • Player: the %bitdepth and %comment (for playing track only) macros have been added
  • Player: internet-radio - support for JSON-based metadata
  • Playlist: smart-playlists - folders - an ability to filter files by extensions
  • Playlist: support for IPTV extensions for M3U/M3U8 playlists formats

  • Sound engine: an ability to remap channels
  • Sound engine: limit of pause between tracks has been increased up to 15 minutes
  • Sound engine: loudness compensated volume control (optionally)
  • Sound engine: settings of the "remove silence" feature has been extended
  • Sound engine: upper limit of tempo and speed has been increased to 2x
  • Sound Engine: an ability to disable samples interpolation for tracker music
  • Sound engine: the "pre-load next track" option has been added

  • Tag editor: an ability to customize hotkeys
  • Tag editor: an ability to find and download information about the album from music brainz / discogs / services
  • Tag editor: batch copying ID3v2 to ID3v1 and vice versa
  • Tag editor: batch download album arts / lyrics for specified files
  • Tag Editor: support for in-place expressions in text tag fields
  • Tag editor: visual appearance has been updated
  • Tag Editor: ID3v2.4 - support for tag fields with multiple values

  • Plugins: InputFFmpeg plugin has been replaced by BASSWebM
  • Plugins: - an ability to disable scrobbling for remote files
  • Plugins: - an ability to specify folders that will be ignored for scrobbling
  • Plugins: - scrobbling status is now displayed over tray icon
  • Plugins: - similar artists are now displayed in track info dialog

Detailed Review
Also you can find a detailed review of new features in our blog.

You can download new version from the download center.

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