AIMP v4.12 has been released!

Artem | 2016-12-23 14:36:49 | Views: 8392839

Whats new in v4.12 in comparing with v4.11?
  • General: you no longer required to run application as administrator to install add-ons or setup the file associations
  • General: support of easy-to-install technology for add-ons packages in *.zip / *.aimppack formats
  • Audio Converter: the "shutdown computer after conversion" settings are no longer disabled during conversion operation
  • Audio Converter: presets for the fdkaac command line encoder has been added (thanks to Soolo)
  • Player: performance of file adding operation has been improved
  • Playlist: auto-name generation algorithm now can use information from the Artist, AlbumArtist and Album tag fields

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