AIMP for Android
    AIMP for Android is old school playlist-based audio player for Android OS

Main features and functionality

Main features and functionality

  • Multi-format Playback
    .APE, .MP3, .WAV, .OGG, .MPGA, .UMX, .MOD, .MO3, .WV .IT, .S3M, .MTM, .XM, .FLAC,
    .MP4, .M4A, .M4B, .MPC, .AAC, .OPUS, .DSF, .DFF, .TTA, .WEBM

  • Output Device Settings
    An ability to use the OpenSL or AudioTrack output methods
    An ability to select output sampling rate
    An ability to change behavior on lose audio focus

  • Support for multi-channels audio
    An ability to down mix multi-channels audio files to stereo
    An ability to down mix audio files to mono (optional)

  • Internet radio support
    Links to audio stream or playlist in PLS / XSPF / M3U formats are supported

  • Album art support
    from tags / from file folder / from the Internet

  • An ability to register playing track as ringtone from player
    Following formats are supported: .MP3, .FLAC, .AAC, .WAV, .OPUS, .OGG, .M4A

  • Android Auto support
    and another CarPCs

  • CUE Sheets support

  • Windows networks support
    You can listen your music from shared folder in your network (samba v2/v3 are supported)

  • Cloud storages support
    You can listen your music from Cloud Storage that supports for WebDAV protocol

  • User defined playback queue and bookmarks
    Queue allows you to override playback order without changes in playlist

  • Normal and shuffled playback

  • An ability to repeat playlist / track / playback without repeating

  • An ability to play music from File Managers

  • Cross-fading feature (optionally)

  • An ability to control playback from notification area
    Small and Big views are available

  • An ability to control playback via Headset

  • An ability to switch the tracks via volume buttons (optional)

  • Multi-language interface

  • Integration with standard lock screen

Flexible UI

Flexible UI

  • Charm UI
    Default skin that designed in modern flat style like Material Design v2 in light/dark themes

  • Bliss 2021
    Standard AIMP2 skin that has been updated to an actual screen resolutions (thanks to ZeoN7).

  • Panini
    Bonus skin special for AIMP fans (thanks to AJ)

  • Enhance
    Bonus skin special for AIMP fans (thanks toZeoN7)

  • User skins
    In our catalog you can find the skin that your like



  • Multiple playlists
    While one plays - you work with another

  • Playlist import / export
    .XSPF, .M3U, .M3U8, .PLS

  • Smart-playlists based on folders
    Use the swipe-to-refresh gesture to synchronize playlist content with pre-image

  • Grouping
    Group the items by one of built-in template

  • Sorting
    Using one of built-in template or reorder the items manually

  • Incremental filtering
    Playlist will display only files that matches to search criteria

  • Share your files
    You will able to share one or multiple files, including links to internet radiostations

  • An ability to delete files physically

File Adding

File Adding

  • "Home screen"
    Contains a list of available volumes and favorite folders

  • Choose files and folder
    You will able to choose what files and folders adding to the playlist.
    You may select as entire folder, as specified files.

  • An ability to play files from external file manager apps

Sound Effects

Sound Effects

  • 20-band equalizer
    With an auto adjusting functionality

  • Volume Normalization
    Peak based normalization and Replay Gain

  • Balance control

  • Playback speed control

  • Music FX support
    OS built-in sound effects (if device has it)

Information about the file

Information about the file

  • Provides an access to detailed information about the track
  • Provides an access to lyrics

Sleep Timer

Sleep Timer

  • Sleep Timer
    You can sleep while listening favorite music, just set the timer to stop the playback at given time or on playback finish.



  • Widget for the desktop
    from 1x1 to 5x5 with resize ability

  • Widget for the lock screen

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