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AIMP v3.00.985 (06.04.2012)

Fixed: DropWheel window is painted incorrectly in AIMP2 skins

Fixed: incorrect information about file format is displayed in quick tag editor in some cases

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: incorrect information about bitrate and duration is displayed for some files in OGG format

Fixed: incorrect information about bitrate is displayed for some radio stations

Fixed: file mark does not display in playlist when AIMP2 skin is used

Fixed: player starts playback of switched off tracks when jumping to another playlist via hot keys

Fixed: player isn't able to use WASAPI for outputting on windows 8

Fixed: player does not play short files completely

Fixed: some problems with TrayControl behavior

Fixed: windows explorer does not display data from tags of file in WMA lossless format after they've been edited by AIMP

Fixed: small scratches can be heard on jumping from one track to another when equalizer is switched on

Fixed: files are added in backward order when they are adding via "find new files" dialog

AIMP v3.00.981 (16.02.2012)

Playlist: algorithm of CUE sheets catching for the audio files has been improved - support of files with double extensions has been added

Fixed: buffer for DMO effects is not cleared after playback stopping

Fixed: data from CUE sheets aren't caught up for files in .DTS

Fixed: "default" button in DSP manager resets all of its settings to their default values only on the second pressing

Fixed: autoname for equalizer preset generates incorrectly for the virtual files

Fixed: information about the duration of the files is read incorrectly from the playlist in PLS format

Fixed: number of the track in the playback queue cuts off in playlist in some cases

Fixed: folder and files aren't sorted by thier names on adding them from windows explorer

Fixed: plugins - lastfm client helper crashes on attempt to show plugin settings, if lastfm client doesn't installed

Fixed: plugins - online radio browser: error occurres on attempt to switch to "IceCast" tab, if one of the record doesn't contain information about the bitrate

Fixed: plugins - some visualizations from AIMP2 don't work on AIMP3

Fixed: plugins - list loses focus after changing state of plugin

Fixed: player doesn't allow to add files in AIFF format to playlist

Fixed: small scratches can be heard on quiet tracks when equalizer is switched on

Fixed: applications hangs on attempt to play file without audio data, but with tags

AIMP v3.00.976 (30.12.2011)

Player: radio station name is now set automatically on starting playback, if it has not been set before by the user

Tag editor: track number is no longer stored in the ID3v1, if it value more than 255

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: plugins - plugin doesn't start scrobbling sometimes

Fixed: player - "a-b repeat" function drops playback position to beginning in some cases

Fixed: player - part of the next track sounds in the end of current track, if "shuffle" mode is active

Fixed: tag editor - buttons in footer panel doesn't display, if height of the screen less than 600 pixels

Fixed: tag editor - the table doesn't update after using tag autofill function

AIMP v3.00.970 RC 3 (23.12.2011)

General: added ability to install skin from skin chooser dialog

General: support of multimedia keyboards has been improved

General: compatibility with synaptics TouchPad has been improved

Fixed: radio browser - links doesn't add to "custom" catalog

Fixed: radio browser - downloading process can't be canceled via "cancel" button

Fixed: radio browser - exception occurs when switching from "ice cast" to "custom" tab

Fixed: radio browser - exception occurs when trying to activate radio browser in music library

Fixed: value of "encoding for non-unicode strings" option can't be saved

Fixed: playlist - player doesn't jumps to next playlist if "shuffle" mode is active

Fixed: playlist - exception occurs when trying to play previous playlist if it was closed

Fixed: incorrect position of equalizer sliders on first start

Fixed: tag editor - auto fill tags function doesn't work in some cases

Fixed: tag editor - %IN macro used to start numeration from zero

Fixed: skin engine - hitTest mask doesn't work for slider elements

Fixed: skin engine - time used to draw incorrectly for files with duration more 100 minutes

AIMP v3.00.961 RC 2 (02.12.2011)

Sound engine: resampler algorithm has been improved

Plugins: radio browser - ability to input genre manually

Player: ability to start playback of bookmark using "enter" key

Player: player now detects full screen applications only on the current monitor

Track list: total duration of playlist now displays in "DD:HH:MM:SS" format

Fixed: ID3v2 tag doesn't read to the end in some cases

Fixed: external playlist is not reloaded when trying to open it again

Fixed: known memory leaks

Fixed: navigation by track doesn't work for remote files

Fixed: player doesn't work correctly with playlists in M3U8 format

Fixed: player doesn't allow drop new file to the end of playlist, if "auto merge similar categories" option is active

Fixed: incompatibility with synaptics TouchPad

Fixed: incompatibility with AVG and avast antivirus

Fixed: no an ability to capture internet-radio, if station doesn't send meta-data

Fixed: "show information about selected files" option doesn't work

Fixed: player doesn't receive links to the internet radio via command line

Fixed: music library doesn't detects drive letter correctly in some cases

AIMP v3.00.950 RC 1 (06.11.2011)

Player: ability to use IE's proxy settings

Playlist: %PD macro has been added (for displaying parent directory name)

Skin engine: ability to disable per-pixel semitransparency

Skin engine: blur behind supports (only for windows 7 or newer)

Plugins: DTS decoder now distributed separately from the player

Plugins: plugins API - added an ability to access to proxy settings

Player: ability to reset user-agent value

Player: help in russian was added

Skin engine: sliders - added hot-state supports

Fixed: "default"-playlist not resets when importing files from external applications

Fixed: player jumps to random track in some cases

Fixed: player repeats one track twice in some cases even if "repeat track" mode is switched off

Fixed: installer doesn't remove standard plugins in "update" mode, even if user refused from them

Fixed: installer removes multiuser settings from AIMP2 in "new installation" mode

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: player doesn't read metadata of internet radio stations in some cases

Fixed: "play / pause" function doesn't work in context menu of tray icon

Fixed: plugins - component list doesn't fill correctly in some cases

Fixed: focus jumps to first playlist tab after closing selected playlist tab

Fixed: program hangs on windows XP, if modal dialog is shown on finishing drag-n-drop operation.

Fixed: skin engine - smooth applying of transparency doesn't work correctly with TrayControl window in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - bugs with handling mouse wheel messages

Fixed: memory leak occurs while listen internet radio station

Fixed: music library - "track repeat" and "shuffle" buttons doesn't work

AIMP v3.00.934 Beta 5 (07.10.2011)

Plugins: API has been extended

Plugins: scheduler - button for easy way to set current time was added

Player: ability to change "user-agent" was added

Player: playlists in *.ASX format are supported now

Player: context menu for "repeat track" button was added for quick access to repeat options

Player: equalizer has been improved

Tag editor: ability to resize album art images is added

Music library: displaying album art in aero peak

Plugins: plugin now works only with installed

Plugins: "plugins manager" dialog has been redesigned

Skin engine: input box - ability to select text via keyboard was added

Skin engine: input box - shortcuts for copy / paste operations were added

Skin engine: memory usage has been reduced

Fixed: ID3v2 tags are parsed incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: disk number isn't displayed in playlist, if it is in "1/2" format

Fixed: error occurs after player restarting and attempt to playing CUE file

Fixed: "search new files" action adds duplicated files in some cases

Fixed: "remove missing files" command removes links to internet radio stations

Fixed: "block desktop locking" option doesn't operate in full screen mode of visualization

Fixed: "disk number" field isn't read from tags of files in M4A format

Fixed: incorrect position of "add link" dialog on the system with few monitors

Fixed: incorrect work with relative paths

Fixed: some skins are used to draw incorrectly on system with non-russian locale

Fixed: bitrate for some files in TTA format calculates incorrectly

Fixed: plugin for multimedia keyboards support is missing in 916 build

Fixed: player hangs while track navigation, if DSP-plugins are in use

Fixed: player hangs sometimes when trying to play files in WAV format

Fixed: player doesn't operate via meta data from some internet radio stations

Fixed: player crushes when trying to play corrupted file in MP3 format

Fixed: player used to jump over 1 track in some cases

Fixed: small part of previous track can be listened when current file is trying to be played and player is on pause state

Fixed: incorrect channel order when playing files in DTS format

Fixed: wrong tracks names during the internet radio capturing

Fixed: tag editor save album art to first selected file only

Fixed: skin engine - some skins doesn't provide an ability to select playlist tab via mouse

Fixed: skin engine - windows aren't repainted in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - minimal size of window calculates incorrectly after its child containers shown / hidden

Fixed: music library - "search new files" doesn't process new subfolders

Fixed: music library - labels doesn't display in the list immediately

Fixed: "repeat track" function used to operate incorrectly with files which duration is less than 2 seconds

AIMP v3.00.916 Beta 4 (07.08.2011)

Fixed: player opens files from external applications with delay about 30 seconds

AIMP v3.00.915 Beta 4 (05.08.2011)

Plugins: plugin has been translated to API v2.0

Plugins: added context menu extension for windows explorer

Playlist: added the ability to disable auto merging of similar categories

DSP-manager: pitch changing step has been corrected

Plugins: BASS_MIDI has been updated to v2.4.6.3

Plugins: tak_deco_lib has been updated to v2.2

Playlist: shuffle algorithm has been improved

Fixed: "copy to...": doesn't show overwrite confirmation

Fixed: IAIMPController.AIMP_GetCurrentTrack doesn't work with remote files

Fixed: scrobbler doesn't scrobble when listening internet-radio

Fixed: wide picture of AlbumArt overlaps some text fields

Fixed: adding files or folders stops when trying to read CUE sheet for nonexistent file

Fixed: information line detects full screen applications incorrectly on the system with few monitors

Fixed: local hot keys don't working in full screen mode of visualization

Fixed: %DN macro is ignored in tags editor when rename files

Fixed: option "replay playlist with one file" doesn't work if shuffle mode is enabled

Fixed: tab created via drag-and-drop doesn't receive focus automatically

Fixed: internet-radio capture doesn't work

Fixed: cover arts in BMP format don't read correctly

Fixed: ID3v1 has higher priority than ID3v2 in some cases

Fixed: player crashes when trying to switch between skins with different orientation of playlists' tabs

Fixed: player jumps to the next track unexpectedly in some cases when listening audio sets

Fixed: portable version of AIMP3 intercepts associations from AIMP2

Fixed: "added date" field is ignored when import data from AIMP2 database

Fixed: %DC macro return incorrect value

AIMP v3.00.901 Beta 3 (02.07.2011)

Core: added the ability to save tags to the file, which is playing in one of the AIMP applications

Fixed: animation of playlist's tabs stops early in some cases

Fixed: player crashes when trying to open folders selection dialog

Fixed: player crashes when trying to get information about new version, if remote service unavailable

AIMP v3.00.900 Beta 3 (01.07.2011)

Skin engine: added the ability to set hot state for playlist's tab elements in the 3rd and 4th frames of the texture

Skin engine: added the ability to change z-order of the elements for each container

Skin engine: added the ability to change indent between playlists' tabs

Skin engine: added the ability to set font for playlist's tab with it is in active and playing states

Sound engine: replaygain's "on-fly" calculation algorithm has been improved

Playlist: reading speed of files in AIMPPL format has been increased

Skin engine: text rendering speed is increased twice

Fixed: CD-TEXT is parsed incorrectly

Fixed: PluginsAPI - visual data are calculated incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: PluginsAPI - information about the file's mark isn't stored in AIMP2_RemoteInfo object

Fixed: auto jump to the next track doesn't work with online-playlists

Fixed: alarm clock ignores "add files to playlist" settings

Fixed: small delay on start file's playback in AAC format

Fixed: infobar - settings can't be saved in some cases

Fixed: infobar - marks for the files aren't displayed

Fixed: slow speed of saving tags from large files

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: other than CDA format files aren't added to the playlist when importing CD\DVD

Fixed: metadata from some internet radio stations are parsed incorrectly

Fixed: playlists in M3U / M3U8 formats are parsed incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: file navigation doesn't work correctly for files with size more than 2 GByte

Fixed: CUE sheets which contain information about the few files with few tracks are expanded incorrectly

Fixed: duration of some files in WMA format calculates incorrectly

Fixed: some files in APE format can't be played

Fixed: option "stop playback if current file was deleted" is ignored in case of playlist was closed

Fixed: player hangs when switching between files in DTS 5.1 format

Fixed: player starts playback after physically removing of current file from playlist, even if it was stopped

Fixed: player's dialogs don't show files in .M4B format

Fixed: player skips small parts of audio stream after the unpause

Fixed: small sound scratches when switching from one track to another with active replaygain option

Fixed: memory leaks in some cases, when you add files to playlist

Fixed: files in CDA format aren't opened on double click in windows explorer

Fixed: files with size more than 2 GBytes can't be played if caching is enabled

Fixed: cue sheets can't be extracted from audio files with size more than 2 GBytes

Fixed: music library - scrobbling settings are resets to default in some cases

Fixed: music library - table cursor position is resets after labels' changing

Fixed: music library generates report too slow

AIMP v3.00.881 Beta 2 (06.05.2011)

Music library: added the ability to copy / move files to the subfolders via drag and drop method

Music library: added the ability to drag folders from grouping tree

Player: support of multimedia keyboards has been improved

Tags: increased tags reading speed from MP3 files

Fixed: playback through ASIO stops when opens settings dialog

Fixed: changes in some playlists can't be saved on the application closing

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: "search for new files" function doesn't work in the audio library

Fixed: player state can't be saved during the playlist navigation via "next / previous file" buttons, if player is trying to connect to the internet radiostation

Fixed: some visualizations don't rendering correctly

Fixed: AutoTag doesn't work correctly for group of files.

Fixed: skins from AIMP2 with semi-transparent elements don't work correctly

Fixed: playlist window can't be resized when it uses standard skin

Fixed: tempo filter doesn't work correctly

Fixed: player can't be associated with file types in some cases

Fixed: player stops playback after the changing default output device

Fixed: window doesn't magneted to the top edge of screen while resizing

Fixed: information about selected files doesn't updated in QTE, if QTE window is already visible

Fixed: playlist's name was trimmed when saves playlist to the disk, if name contains "." symbol

Fixed: part of the previous track had been played when new track started, if player had been in pause state

Fixed: player doesn't take into account settings, which disallow auto jump to the next track, when playing track deleting physically

Fixed: tag editor doesn't read disk number field from the tags

Fixed: animation of equalizer window worked slow on some systems

Fixed: titles of some tracks are trimmed when listening internet radio

AIMP v3.00.861 Beta 1 (01.04.2011)

Scheduler: ability to use playlist as alarm clock signal

Player: ASIO - added ability to choose the channels, which would be used for output

Player: ability to create a new playlist tab under mouse cursor while dragging files

Player: added "auto-adjust equalizer preset for a track" action to the equalizer menu

Music library: ability to play files / playlists in AIMP3

Music library: ability to manual import of database from AIMP2

Decoders: BASS libraries were updated

Plugins: plugin for access to catalog has been removed

Player: crossfading and pause between tracks settings has been moved to separate items

Playlist: loading speed of playlists has been increased

Skin engine: rendering speed has been increased

Fixed: autoshutdown was executed incorrectly on ending of the playing queue

Fixed: incorrect name for playlist was set, if it had been loaded from external file

Fixed: autoloaded preset of the equalizer is reset by alt+click combination, when information about the file from playlist is displayed

Fixed: value of option "music library: allow statistics" wasn't saved

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: titles for the some tracks are displayed truncated when listening internet-radio stations

Fixed: player resumes playing incorrectly on program startup, if few playlists have same name

Fixed: tracks are grouped incorrectly, if it has been expanded by CUE sheet

Fixed: skins were drawn incorrectly on windows XP under low color mode

Fixed: player hung when internet-radiostation switching track

Fixed: mono-channel mode was active by default

Fixed: positions of records in the table were calculated incorrectly after the sorting

Fixed: tag editor - address line wasn't updated after the file had been renamed

Fixed: tag editor - it had no any ability to disable AutoTag, if it was enable

Fixed: tag editor - the "don't fill field if it has value" function wasn't work

Fixed: fixed: files weren't moved, if keyboard was used for playlist navigation while drag and drop operation was being processed

AIMP v3.00.851 Beta 1 (09.03.2011)

Playlist: added ability to expand / collapse all groups in the playlist by clicking with pressed alt button

Sound engine: spectrum calculation algorithm has been rewritten

Player: playlist view settings has been moved to separate tab

Skins engine: compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved

Core: sorting algorithm speed has been increased

Core: text rendering speed has been increased

Fixed: quick file info takes focus when showing

Fixed: quick tag editor don't save changes to the playing file

Fixed: hotkeys don't work in some cases

Fixed: information about current track on the radio station don't display

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: connection status to the radio station don't display

Fixed: crossfade settings don't applying in some ways

Fixed: input fields resets when switching between tabs in multiple mode of QTE

Fixed: player hangs when switching to the next track

Fixed: advanced tag editor don't accept WavPack files

AIMP v3.00.840 Beta 1 (22.02.2011)

Plugins: сompatibility with winamp input plugins has been improved

Player: integration to the context menu of windows explorer is temporarily disabled

Skin engine: rendering speed has been increased

Fixed: "copy to ..." didn't save previously selected paths

Fixed: autoshutdown was executed incorrectly on ending of the playing queue

Fixed: music library labels are excluded incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: quick search don't work in some cases

Fixed: information about selected file wasn't updated in the advanced tag editor if file list was being scrolled via keyboard

Fixed: GUI bug in the "missed files" audio library dialog

Fixed: CUE sheets were not caught up for the CD images

Fixed: option "save absolute file paths" couldn't be saved

Fixed: some parameters of radio capture were not saved

Fixed: single click at the tray icon activated event with delay, even if double click event hadn't been assigned

Fixed: option "repeat playlist with one file" must be available only if "playlist repeat" mode is active

Fixed: batch tags processing was't available in the audio library

Fixed: bugs with removing silence filter

Fixed: ScrollBar drawn incorrectly with some skins

Fixed: player jumps to the previous track if current track was removed from the playlist physically

Fixed: link to the internet radio couldn't be added as a melody for alarm clock

AIMP v3.00.832 Beta 1 (05.02.2011)

Playlist: grouping by folders has been improved

Tag editor: AutoTag by file name function has been improved

Tag editor: file renaming function is not case sensitive now

Skin engine: spectrum displays all frequencies

Skin engine: compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved

Skin engine: usability of the new playlist creation via Drag'n'Drop has been improved

Skin engine: rendering speed has been increased

Music library: 'jump to current file' function has been improved

Fixed: problem with WAV-DTS playback

Fixed: sound effects didn't resumed after the program restart

Fixed: bug on file playing with enabled caching to occur in some cases

Fixed: if track has cover with high resolution then it stuck on switching

Fixed: scroll buttons are not shown if context menu was out of screen bounds

Fixed: sorting by %m template didn't work

Fixed: incorrect device switching with stopped player

Fixed: format of audio stream incorrectly detected for some radio stations

Fixed: context menu display incorrectly on multi-monitor configuration

Fixed: some CUE-sheet files parsed incorrectly

Fixed: incorrect selection behavior with pressed ctrl

Fixed: incorrect behavior of 'start playback on launching' function

Fixed: incorrect control of some sound effects

Fixed: some bugs with labels in music library

Fixed: player didn't switch to the previous track if cursor was at the beginning of the playlist

Fixed: content-filters resets in music library during the navigation by groups

Fixed: minor issues

AIMP v3.00.815 Beta 1 (30.12.2010)

Decoders: BASS libraries were updated

Skin engine: rendering speed has been increased

AIMP v3.00.810 Beta 1 (20.12.2010)

CoverArt downloader: cache previous search results

CoverArt downloader: cover search now doesn't begin immediately after window shown

LastFM scrobbler: scrobbling track from internet radio

LastFM scrobbler: now works directly with the service

Scheduler: added smooth volume increasing

Radio capture: added ability to make CUE sheet file

Radio capture: added ability to capture stream "as is" (only for MP3 / AAC / AAC+)

Radio capture: extended file split options - by time / by size

Sound engine: added ASIO / WASAPI / direct sound support

Sound engine: added OGG files support with multiple track inside

Sound engine: added DTS / TAK formats support

Sound engine: extended track mixing options

Sound engine: our output system, BASS is used now only as decoder

Sound engine: improved works with *.iso.wv / *.iso.ape files

Sound engine: added 5.1 / 7.1 channels emulation

InfoBar: added ability to display track cover art

InfoBar: added ability to adjust background transparency

Internet radiostation catalog: added tab "custom"

Internet radiostation catalog: integrated to audio library

Queue manager: added track duration to the table

Queue manager: added information about total duration of all tracks in the queue

Icon library: added ability to set icon for each format

Player: added ability to pin player / playlist on the screen edge

Player: added ability to set alternative global hot keys

Player: added ability to dock player with playlist to the screen edge

Player: added ability of random switching visualizations

Player: plugin manager was moved to options

Player: new design

Player: improved options window

Player: extended running line animation options

Player: expanded tracklist export options

Playlist: added ability to lock playlist from changes

Playlist: added ability to set individual settings for every playlist

Playlist: added ability to disable auto expanding files by CUE

Playlist: added "single playlist mode"

Playlist: added %up(), %low(), %caps(), %replace() and %char() macros

Playlist: categories - added ability to expand / collapse them

Playlist: categories - added optional separating template

Playlist: categories - added information about size and duration

Playlist: categories now couldn't be separated into few parts

Tag editor: replaygain - added ability to autocalculate values

Tag editor: replaygain - added ability to enter values manually

Tag editor: added columns: bitrate / duration / ID3v1 / ID3v2 / APE / WMA / vorbis

Tag editor: renaming one file - now highlight only file name

Tag editor: renaming by template - added ability to work with copy of the file

Tag editor: renaming by template: added confirmation dialog if file names match

Tag editor: field "track number / track count" was divided into two fields

Skins: added ability to clone gauge and spectrum elements

Skins: added ability to place playlist tabs vertically

Skins: added ability to create round sliders

Skins: added full support of semitransparent textures

Skins: extended elements options

Skins: tray icon is now depends from skin

Tags: added reading M4A / M4B / MP4 tags

Tags: added reading / writing covers to OGG files

Tags: added reading / writing TTA / OFR / OFS tags

Tags: increased tags reading speed

Music library: quick content filtering among columns values

Music library: added ability to group by any columns

Music library: added ability to hide grouping window

Music library: added report generation - total duration, favorite artist / album / genre

Music library: added labels support

Music library: disk number now used for grouping by albums

Music library: implemented as independent application

Music library: added ability to sort on several columns at once

Music library: ID3v2.4 separators support

Music library: added ability to filter files by size or/and duration before adding to database

Player: main window now isn't frozen on file moving to removable device

Playlist: "send to..." - added ability to copy additional files with main files

Playlist: "send to..." - now you can rename by template options