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Common change log

Common: localizations has been updated

Music Library: new background operation no longer interrupts active operation

Music library: the "Catalog" field has been added

Player: an ability to set hotkeys for speed / tempo control

Playlist: support for incremental search

Playlist: the "collapse unused groups automatically" option has been added

Playlist: the space key now toggles the auto-playback switch of selected tracks

Playlist: the tracklist content settings now invokes from the "Save As" dialog

Playlists: an ability to select tracks via translucent selection rectangle

Plugins: AlbumArt Visualization - now you can change rendering mode clicking on visualization display

Plugins: BASS_MIDI - added an ability to use few sound fonts at same time

Plugins: MyClouds - support for "Shared With Me" category for OneDrive and Google.Drive services

Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of service

Plugins: Update Checker - an ability to select update channel (Alpha / Beta / Release)

Plugins: information bar - the "show before playback finish" option has been added

Plugins: information bar - transparency options now affects to the Card view too

Plugins: information bar - updated UI of settings dialog

Plugins: MyClouds - support for changes in API of service

Sound Engine: radio capture - the "skip the track if file with same name is already exists" option has been added

Sound Engine: replay gain - the default value is now used as a basic value for the "on-fly" analysis

Sound Engine: upper limit of speed control has been increased to 3x

Tag editor: autofill tags - support for %albumartist% and %totaltracks% macros

Tag editor: the "delete" menu item has been added to context menu of text editors

Tags: now the app ignores spaces around multiple values separator

Known issues has been fixed

minor issues were fixed

Fixed: album arts search - impossible to use absolute paths as templates

Fixed: audio converter - the "Settings" and "Start" buttons are disappear on app startup if custom scale factor is specified in app settings

Fixed: player - app unable to open CUE files that contains the "COMPILATION" field

Fixed: playlist - group with playing track does not expand if the "collapse unused groups automatically" option is switched on

Fixed: skin engine - TASEPanel - non-standard blending mode works incorrectly if mask is applied to the element

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - enabling auto size leads to app crash if the alignment property value is different from taLeftJustify (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - single line text does not appear if element height less than required (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - text shadow is truncated if alignment property value is different from taLeftJustify (regression)

Fixed: skin engine - docked window does not move to other monitor on disconnect the current monitor

Fixed: skin engine - docked windows may be scaled twice on manual scale factor changing

Fixed: tags - MP4 - the rating tag field is not supported

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