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Common change log

Album arts: cache manager now takes disk number into account

Audio converter: added an ability to pause conversion operation

Audio converter: an ability to customize hotkeys

Common: BASS libraries have been updated

Common: localizations have been updated

Common: saving settings and playlists is now safe to unexpected OS shutdown

General: clouds support

General: podcasts support

General: support of dark mode introduced in Windows 10

General: 3rd party libraries were updated

General: an ability to switch on/off night mode manually

General: glyphs for secondary windows has been updated

General: icons library for file types - special iconset for the M3U and CUE file formats has been added

Music Library: creating a smart-playlist via command in context menu of grouping tree now automatically creates a sorting template based on sorting that uses in music library

Music Library: drawing performance has been increased for the "group details" and "album thumbnails" views

Player: an ability to capture only one track from internet radio

Player: an ability to specify album art for internet radio

Player: the %bitdepth and %comment (for playing track only) macros have been added

Player: the "jump to next track and pause the playback" option has been added

Player: the "pause the playback on app startup" option has been added

Player: internet-radio - support for JSON-based metadata

Playlist: smart-playlists - folders - an ability to filter files by extensions

Playlist: support for IPTV extensions for M3U/M3U8 playlists formats

Plugins: - an ability to disable scrobbling for remote files

Plugins: - an ability to specify folders that will be ignored for scrobbling

Plugins: - scrobbling status is now displayed over tray icon

Plugins: - similar artists are now displayed in track info dialog

Plugins: API for audio decoders has been extended

Plugins: AlbumArt Visualization - fill mode was changed to the "TV like" - album art is no longer cropped

Plugins: AlbumArt Visualization - now plugin uses for rendering album art in original resolution

Plugins: InputFFmpeg plugin has been replaced by BASSWebM

Plugins: MyClouds - OneDrive API has been updated

Plugins: the AlbumArt visualization now can be unloaded

Skin Engine: TASETextDisplayEx - word wrap performance has been improved

Skin Engine: scripts - performance of objects binding procedure has been improved

Skin engine: TASESliderVertical / TASESliderHorizontal - support for custom localizations for the TextLabels

Skin engine: TASETextDisplay / TASETextDisplayEx / TASEButton - text alignment and auto-size options have been added

Skin engine: an ability to specify custom hotkey to toggle visibility of secondary windows

Smart-playlists: folders - now content will be sorted by file name if sort template is not specified

Sound Engine: an ability to disable samples interpolation for tracker music

Sound engine: an ability to remap channels

Sound engine: limit of pause between tracks has been increased up to 15 minutes

Sound engine: loudness compensated volume control (optionally)

Sound engine: settings of the "remove silence" feature has been extended

Sound engine: upper limit of tempo and speed has been increased to 2x

Sound engine: the "pre-load next track" option has been added

Tag Editor: support for in-place expressions in text tag fields

Tag Editor: ID3v2.4 - support for tag fields with multiple values

Tag Editor: the copy / cut / paste buttons has been added near the lyrics editor

Tag editor: an ability to customize hotkeys

Tag editor: an ability to find and download information about the album from music brainz / discogs / services

Tag editor: batch copying ID3v2 to ID3v1 and vice versa

Tag editor: batch download album arts / lyrics for specified files

Tag editor: visual appearance has been updated

UI: an ability to disable auto-hiding of windows that docked to screen edges in desktop toolbars mode

UI: now you not need to hold Ctrl key to scroll tabs playlists via mouse wheel

minor issues were fixed

Fixed: Music Library - view point position was not restored after restart the app if the "group details" or "thumbnails" view is used

Fixed: Plugins - - showing the "Information About the Track" dialog leads to app hangs if description for the track is too long

Fixed: Tag Editor - BPM calculation - preview dialog uses different rounding algorithm than used for save the data to tags

Fixed: Tag Editor - auto-filing function based on the Discord and MusicBrainz services put the data to ISRC tag field instead of the Catalog tag field.

Fixed: Tag Editor - removing album art for internet radio station in the dialog does not remove it from local database

Fixed: audio converter - an error occurs when trying to encode file using Monkey's Audio codec

Fixed: general - few minor issues related to the "night mode" feature

Fixed: general - the %FileCreatedDate / %FileCreatedTime / %FileModifiedDate / %FileModifiedTime macros does not work for virtual files

Fixed: internet radio - tracks meta of HTTP-Live streams updates incorrectly

Fixed: lyrics - the %FileName% macro does not work (regression)

Fixed: lyrics - unsupported tags of Enhanced LRC file format are no longer shown

Fixed: music library - incorrect order of hieroglyphs in alphabetic index

Fixed: music library - issues related to view settings restoring after switching between different data sources

Fixed: plugins - FFmpeg - player ignores some tag fields for known file formats if the plugin is loaded

Fixed: plugins - FFmpeg - the album gain value initializes incorrectly for files in OPUS file format if track gain is not specified in file header

Fixed: plugins - FFmpeg based plugin crashes on attempt to play the file (regression)

Fixed: plugins - Lastfm - an error occurs on track start if the track information dialog and similar artists panel are visible

Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - subfolders are not displayed for OneDrive cloud drive

Fixed: plugins - - plugin leads to hang up the application in some cases when display information about the song

Fixed: plugins - - some links has not been localized in the "Information about the file" dialog

Fixed: skin engine - TASELayoutItem - the AutoHide feature does not work for items whose property Align is set to alClient

Fixed: skin engine - TASELayoutScrollView always handles the mouse wheel action even if nothing to scroll

Fixed: skin engine - TASEScrollBarXXX - value of the AllowFading property does not take into account

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplay - text incorrectly center by vertically in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - HitTestByText property works incorrectly if the AlignmentVertical property is set value different from taAlignTop

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - auto size works incorrectly if the alignment property is set value different from taLeftJustify

Fixed: skin engine - duplicates of the "playlist" and "music library" menu items are displayed in window's context menu in certain skins

Fixed: skin engine - edit field - text position calculates incorrectly if text shadow is displayed

Fixed: skin engine - font color changes during content scrolling in some cases

Fixed: skin engine - original sizes of hidden background elements sometimes restores incorrectly on applying the skin

Fixed: skin engine - the %time(..) macro does not accept localizable arguments

Fixed: skin engine - the TASEPanel.OnMouseUp event does not fired

Fixed: smart-playlist - content of smart-playlists based on user rating criteria not updated on change the rating in playlist for multiple files at same time

Fixed: smart-playlists - filter by file type does not work for audio files with CUE

Fixed: sound effects - an error occurs on attempt to show hint for volume slider

Fixed: tag editor - Vorbis Comments - loses the information about library version that has been used to create a file

Fixed: tag editor - non-square album arts displays cropped

Fixed: tag editor - unable to store values longer than 260 characters to some tag fields

Fixed: tags - MP3 - parameters of variable bitrate stream determines incorrectly in some cases (regression)