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Common change log

Ability to disable display of infobar if full-screen application is running

Added ability to filter cover arts when downloading by file size

Added ability to switch tracks by click on tray-icon

Added beta-versions of manual at the russian and english languages

Added logical sorting of playlist (for WinXP or higher)

Three new skins were added

BASS and SQLite3 libraries were updated

BASS libraries were updated

Help files were updated

Improved compatibility with windows 7

License agreement was updated

Localizations were updated

Manuals were updated

Minor functionality changes

Now radio stream recording continues after automatic reconnection to station

Reduced system resources usage

Settings saveability on emergency reset were improved

Skins were updated

Some localizations were updated

Tags reading core was optimized

Updated BASS files

Updated italian localization

Added localizations: armenian и chinese

Added localizations: chinese (traditional)

Added localizations: swedish

Added plugins: integration to win7 TaskBar, simple scheduler

Core: ability to read audio content info from MusePack v8

Default skin: added popup menu with playlists list

Info bar: now is not shown if full-screen application is running

Localizations were updated: german, greek, slovak, turkish, polish, portuguese, belarusian, georgian, uzbek, ukrainian, bulgarian

Music library: view style in “without grouping” mode has been changed from "CardsView" to "AlbumView"

New localization: brasilian

Scheduler: added ability to execute action after pre-set time period

Scheduler: interface were improved

Simple scheduler: time editor were improved

Skin engine: added ability to disable windows magnetize effect

Skin engine: added saturation regulator

Skin engine: improved mask creation speed

Skin engine: improved rendering speed

Tag editor [advanced]: added ability to show subfolder headers in the file list

Tag editor: new column "album cover’s availability in tag-file" added

Updated libraries: sqlite3, bass

Fixed bug causing the program hanging in some cases

Fixed bug with reading some ID3v2 tags

Fixed bug with reading some cover arts from ID3v2

Fixed bug with tags reading from some MusePack files

Fixed bugs

Fixed bugs in core

Fixed bugs in skin engine

Fixed critical bugs

Fixed minor issues

Fixed numerous bugs

Fixed other minor issues

Known bugs were fixed

Some bugs fixed

minor issues were fixed

Fixed: CUE files can't be played, if has unicode characters in the file name

Fixed: auto shutdown fails, if pause between tracks was switched on

Fixed: bounds of the looped section were dropped if file position had been changed manually

Fixed: bug with creation of the playlist when import files from other applications

Fixed: bug with loading some all-in-one skins

Fixed: bug with multiple folders selection in the dialog

Fixed: bug with multiple selection in the playlist

Fixed: bug with reading CUE-files

Fixed: bug with reading duration from some WMA files

Fixed: bug with reading some WavPacks

Fixed: bugs in parser of CUE-files

Fixed: bugs with playing CUE-files

Fixed: critical bug in "update checker"

Fixed: critical bug with writing tags in some OGG-files

Fixed: embedded skins fonts are ignored

Fixed: incorrect encoding of title of playlist item in some ways

Fixed: incorrect reading of the cover arts from ID3v2.4 tags

Fixed: information in the aero peek wasn't updated if the cover art of the current file has been changed

Fixed: minor issues

Fixed: minor issues in plugins core

Fixed: minor issues in skin engine

Fixed: playback of the file didn't start from the beginning in some cases

Fixed: playback progress wasn't updated in the taskbar in some cases

Fixed: program crash on closing, if queue manager shown

Fixed: proxy settings were ignored in "online radio" and "CoverArt downloader" modules

Fixed: proxy settings were ignored in advanced tag editor

Fixed: sending title of the current track to the DSP/general-plugins

Fixed: small GUI bugs

Fixed: some WV files couldn't be played

Fixed: sometimes the name of the radio station can be lost from playlist item

Fixed: stuttering at the beginning of playback of some files

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