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AIMP v5.03.2398 (25.08.2022)

General: value of quick search is now resets on app restart

Fixed: general - certain functions ignores the ANSI-codepage setting value

Fixed: sound engine - ASIO - app crashes on attempt to initialize unavailable device if it driver suppresses exceptions (was found on iBasso devices)

Fixed: skin engine - snap to screen edges due resize the window works incorrectly (regrepssion)

Fixed: skin engine - touch-scrolling of vertical playlists tabs is inverted

Fixed: tag editor - an error occurs on attempt to invoke the "unknown tag fields" dialog if system's UI scaling factor is set to 100%

Fixed: plugins - BASS_AAC - opening certain M4A files with ALAC codec lead to the "unsupported file format" error

Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - the "find on the Internet" and the "Maximum file size to download" are affects to cloud storage

Fixed: plugins - MyClouds - app hangs up if cloud server does not support for content-range command

Fixed: plugins - SACD - certain DSDIFF files with DST-compression cannot be played

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