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Change Log - AIMP for Windows
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AIMP v4.50 Beta 3, build 2026 (06.09.2017)

Music Library: Table - an ability to customize list of fields for grouping

Music Library: Table - an ability to customize list of fields that used for group details

Music Library: quick navigate through field value now operates via Ctrl+Click

Fixed: common - secondary windows can be appeared outside the screen area on showing

Fixed: Audio Converter - the stats does not reset before new transcoding operation

Fixed: player - value of the Catalog key does not stored to CUE

Fixed: Player - files that ends with the " -" text are not imported to playlist from Windows Explorer via the "play all" command

Fixed: Skin Engine - empty lines of lyrics are not displayed

Fixed: Skin Engine - scrolling via mouse wheel stops working after restoring minimized window

Fixed: Skin Engine - TASETextDisplayEx - content of the element are truncated if font with shadow is used

Fixed: Skin Engine - TASETextDisplayEx - current line of lyrics is shifted to right side if formatting are applied to it

Fixed: Music Library - closing the app during DB update operation leads to hangs the app

Fixed: Music Library - Table - width of group details area resets to default value after app restart

Fixed: Music Library - Table - canceling the sorting by columns are resets collapsed state of all groups in the list

Fixed: Plugins - API - result of the AIMP_SERVICE_OPTIONSDIALOG_NOTIFICATION_CAN_SAVE notification does not take into account when closing the Options dialog via the "OK" button

Fixed: Installer - shortcuts of normal version of player are deleted during installation of new copy of player in portable mode

Small bugs and defects were fixed

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