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Change Log - AIMP for Windows
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AIMP v4.50 Beta 2, build 2023 (21.08.2017)

Player: support for ATRAC3 file format

Skin Engine: the "gray scale" blending mode has been added

Skin Engine: an ability to specify custom scale factor for skinned windows

Default Skin: support for 125% scale factor

Fixed: Common - some UI elements displays incompletely on systems with non-standard scale factor

Fixed: player - values of new tag fields does not stored to CUE

Fixed: Player - the MKA files cannot be played if it contains audio stream in FLAC format

Fixed: Player - playback position calculates incorrectly for some files in the MKA file format

Fixed: Player - some files in AAC file format cannot be played now (regression)

Fixed: Skin-Engine - an error occurs when applying custom skin if scale factor is differs from 100%

Fixed: Skin Engine - wave for the waveform-navigator calculates incorrectly (regression)

Fixed: Skin Engine - window loses focus after restoring from minimized state

Fixed: Skin Engine - Blending Modes that differs from Normal works incorrectly with semi-transparent textures

Fixed: Lyrics - an error occurs on trying to open lyrics in LRC file format if it contains only one time stamp.

Fixed: Lyrics - the SRT file format parser does not take empty lines into account that defined as text

Fixed: Installer - the "no profiles" exception occured when trying to install update If installed version has never been started before

Small bugs and defects were fixed