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Common change log

Android Auto: support of voice commands has been improved

Default skin: the Adaptive theme has been added

File Manager: tracking state of access rights for folders and external providers

File Manager: optimization of operations with files

File manager: now app uses hybrid file system access on Android 11 and newer (thanks Soolo)

File manager: windows shared - domain names resolve has been improved

File manager: windows shared - libsmb2 has been updated

General: detection and notification about background playback restrictions

General: memory consumption has been reduced

General: music library (indexing and grouping music by album, artists and etc)

General: support for Android 14

General: tag editor for MP3, M4A, OGG, FLAC and APE

General: usability has been improved

General: 3rd party libraries has been updated

General: New Year's app icon has been updated

General: action list for gestures has been extended with few new commands

General: compatibility with the Android 14 has been improved

General: context search algorithm has been improved

General: optimization of app's resources

General: performance has been improved

General: settings shortcuts are added to context menu of the "sound effects" button

General: the BASS libraries has been updated

Music Library: an ability to group tracks in album by disk number

Music Library: merging of sub-levels with single values

Music Library: the "Genres" view now contains the "artists" and the "albums" sub-levels

Music Library: the "go to album" command has been added to menu of playing track

Music Library: an ability to disable music library on initial app setup

Music Library: improved support of compiled albums

Music library: improved performance of file indexing

Music library: smart collapse for roots in the Folders view

Music library: updates metadata of the file after tag editing

Player: support for MIDI files (using system decoders)

Player: support for chapters (it displays in context menu of seeking bar)

Player: CUE sheets catching algorithm has been improved

Player: algorithm of search album arts in Internet has been improved

Player: playback counter now resets on switching tracks on radio station

Player: support for album arts for internet radio station that specified in streamUrl tag

Playlist Manager: an ability to join few playlists to new one

Playlist manager: an ability to group the playlists

Playlist manager: batch import, export and update operations

Playlist manager: sort by name / creation date / modification date / manually

Playlist: An ability to reverse order of the items without re-sorting the list

Playlist: M3U - support for #EXTALBUMARTURL tag

Playlist: an ability to create new playlist inside existing group

Playlist: an ability to send tracks to few playlist at once

Playlist: asynchronous data operations

Playlist: summary for selected files only

Playlist: the "insert after playing" command has been added

Playlist: XSPF - improve relative paths generation

Playlist: the "find missing files" has been improved

Skin Engine: improve adaptive themes support

Skin engine: compatibility with old skins has been improved

Tag editor: an ability to import/export lyrics from/to file

UI: an ability to disable guides

UI: equalizer - presets window does not overlap EQ curve

Fixed: Android Auto - tap on track in list starts playing next track instead

Fixed: File Information Dialog - crashes when switching between day/night mode

Fixed: Player - app jumps over track during CUE sheet playback, if each track relates to separate physical file

Fixed: Player - playback don't jump to next track automatically in some cases (regression)

Fixed: Player - resetting album art cache does not reset file system cache

Fixed: Player - sometimes app jumps over the track (regression 1393)

Fixed: Skin - few minor issues

Fixed: Sort By - scroll from top to bottom closes the dialog instead of scroll the list

Fixed: bookmarks - an error occurs on attempt to play a file whose playlist has been removed

Fixed: few issues with integration to Android Auto

Fixed: file manager - "clouds" storages produces an FileNotFound error (regression 1322)

Fixed: file manager - an error occurs when accessing to folder via ftp protocol, if folder name contains non-latin characters

Fixed: file manager - an error occurs when accessing to folder via smb protocol, if server end-point string ends with "/"

Fixed: file manager - cache of real file names has not been updated on device list change (regression 4.0)

Fixed: file manager - displays content of primary storage instead of content of OTG-device if the device is ejected or access to it is denied

Fixed: file manager - does not display content of OTG-devices if it is mounted not as directory (regression 4.0)

Fixed: file manager - files access issues on turkish locale

Fixed: file manager - the "Remove from device" command is unavailable for files from otg-devices

Fixed: file manager - unable to grant full access permission to the folder whose name contains a dot

Fixed: general - album art stops displaying if one of album arts internet providers is unaccessible

Fixed: general - app start lead the system.ui package to crash on Oppo/Motorola devices running Android 12 (thanks to Oleg O. for help)

Fixed: general - settings dialog does not work when running under Android 6.0

Fixed: general - the "set as ringtone" command does not work (regression 4.0)

Fixed: general - unable to set the check mark in multichoice dialogs (regression 1326)

Fixed: headset - control conflict via Pixel Buds

Fixed: issues from incoming crash-reports

Fixed: lyrics - files in LRC format loads incorrectly if time code is defined to entire paragraph

Fixed: lyrics - the lyricist tag field does not read from ID3v2.2

Fixed: main menu - playlists sorting does not work anymore (regression v4)

Fixed: music library - album arts are not loaded in certain cases

Fixed: music library - album based preimages does not work

Fixed: music library - find and resolve misplaced files works incorrectly in certain cases

Fixed: music library - small issues and imperfections

Fixed: music library - the "enqueue" command breaks playback order in some cases

Fixed: music library - the "go to album" command does not work correctly if the track has different artist and album artist

Fixed: player - album arts disappears on re-enter to the app's UI if HLS-stream is playing

Fixed: player - album arts for MP4 files does not load on Android 13 (regression 4.0)

Fixed: player - filename is displayed instead of custom meta from playlist when playing URL without meta (regression 4.0)

Fixed: player - playback will not be paused on headset disconnect if player is in "pause between tracks" state at this moment

Fixed: player - there are no information about playing track from Google.Drive

Fixed: playlist - XSPF - groups are not imported

Fixed: playlist - customized items order in playlist based on music library preimage get resets after app restart

Fixed: playlist - exporting a playlist over an existing file appends it instead of recreating (regression 4.0)

Fixed: playlist - grouping mode cannot be switched off (regression 4.0)

Fixed: playlist - the "codepage for ansi-tags" not initialized correctly in certain cases (regression 4.02)

Fixed: playlist - value of the "absolute numeration" option resets after app restart (regression 4.0)

Fixed: sound engine - additional codecs failed to initialize when running on Android 6 (regression)

Fixed: tag editor - an error occurs on attempt to replace the album art image in OGG / FLAC file formats

Fixed: tag editor - unicode text gets corrupted if editing file has ID3v1 tag only

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - replay gain fields are ignored (regression 2433)

Fixed: widgets - does not show in notification area on Honor 70

Fixed: widgets - information in the notification area does not updated if OS is too busy

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