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Common change log

Equalizer: all functionality have been moved to separate window

Equalizer: current value of the adjustable slider is now displayed

Equalizer: range has been extended to +/- 15 db

Equalizer: sliders for 31 and 63 Hz bands have been added

File Adding Dialog: an ability to jump to parent folder via swipe-to-right gesture

File Dialog: SD cards list has been added

General: added support of hardware search button

General: new design of application

General: App now prompts you to elevate the access rights to write data to folder on the SD-card (if it does not have enough rights by default)

General: BASS libraries were updated

General: SD-cards detection algorithm has been improved

General: compatibility with Android Nougat

General: the "Encoding for ansi-tags" option has been added

General: the Brazilian-Portuguese localization has been added

General: the Lithuanian and Serbian (Cyrillic) localization have been added Compatibility with official client has been improved

Player: an ability to change the User-Agent

Player: an ability to down mix the audio file to mono

Player: an ability to set track as ringtone (following formats are supported: MP3, FLAC, AAC, WAV, OPUS, OGG, M4A, MP4)

Player: an ability to switch off integration with system lock screen

Player: balance slider has been added

Player: down mix to stereo is now supported for multi-channel audio files

Player: long click at "pause" or "start playback" buttons now stops playback

Player: menu of playable file with recently used commands has been added

Player: support of internet-radio has been added

Player: an ability to detect of the optimal sampling rate and buffer size for audio output

Player: equalizer algorithm has been improved

Player: player now checks the album art image in the "Covers" sub folder

Playlist: An ability to reverse order of the items

Playlist: an ability to sort list when grouping (optionally)

Playlist: application switches from deletion mode to normal after deleting the last track from playlist

Playlist: current grouping mode is now highlighted in the context menu

Playlist: grouping by folder - only parent folder name is displaying now in group header

Playlist: long click at "search" button is now focus current track in playlist

Playlist: multiple playlists support has been added

Playlist: tags for all tracks are read now in background thread

Playlist: Export - an ability to choose target folder

Playlist: search now takes file name into account

Playlist: the "send to other playlist" command has been added to context menu of selected file

Scheduler: Sleep timer and alarm clock have been introduced

Scheduler: an ability to cancel sleep timer action from notification area

Skin: position of seek bar has been changed

UI: the Bliss Dark skin has been added

Widget: widget with size 4x2 has been added

Widget: widget with size 4x4 has been added (with sizing abilities)

Widgets: 4x1 and 4x2 widgets now support for horizontal resizing (in upside)

Widgets: additional information about the track has been added to the 4x2 widget

Few small bugs were fixed

Known bugs that leads to crash of application were fixed

Small bugs were fixed

Fixed: Playlist - playable track does not highlighted in playlist in some cases

Fixed: Common - Input Dialogs - text from clipboard can be pasted with formatting

Fixed: Common - an error occurs when suspending the application

Fixed: Common - app does not detect sdcard at the "/Removable/MicroSD/" path

Fixed: Common - app does not detect sdcard at the "/Storage/ext_card" or "/Storage/emulated/0" path

Fixed: Common - app is restarted, if try to close it via widget in notification area when scheduler window is active

Fixed: Common - few exceptions in app core if the MANAGE_DOCUMENTS and READ_PHONE_STATE permissions are not granted

Fixed: Common - settings in UI and Service parts can be different in some cases

Fixed: Common - sliders cease to respond for touching if move out the finger from area of slider

Fixed: Common - some localization have incorrect source files

Fixed: Common - the "preload tracks" option switched off automatically in some cases

Fixed: Common - the Dutch language cannot be selected

Fixed: Equalizer Screen - gain of editing slider does not appear at screen in landscape orientation

Fixed: File Adding Dialog - no way to import audio files from the playlist files (regression)

Fixed: File Adding Dialog - the app crashes when you trying to add folder with large number of files

Fixed: - application does not send the "stop scrobbling" command before exit

Fixed: - tracks from internet radio stations cannot be scrobbled via some clients

Fixed: Player - always resumes playback of the first playlist, regardless on which playlist was played before closing the app

Fixed: Player - app crashes during parsing of metadata from some internet radio-stations.

Fixed: Player - balance value resets to default when closing the application.

Fixed: Player - cursor jumps over the track when finish playback of last track in the CUE Sheet

Fixed: Player - does not update radio station name in the playlist in some cases

Fixed: Player - incorrect order of menu items in context menu for playing file

Fixed: Player - no album art at lock screen (regression)

Fixed: Player - no sound after jump to next track when listening tracks from CUE sheet

Fixed: Player - playback automatically pauses when notification with sound appears

Fixed: Player - playback automatically stops when repeat single track after few iterations

Fixed: Player - playback does not jump to next track if display of device is switched off and the "pause between tracks" option is used

Fixed: Player - playback does not suspended on call via Skype or WhatsApp apps

Fixed: Player - playback position is dropped if close the application twice in a row

Fixed: Player - some scratches can be heard during playback on some devices

Fixed: Player - state of player restores incorrectly if playback was stopped when closing the application

Fixed: Player - the "save state" option is ignored

Fixed: Player - the "stand by on playlist end" option does not work (regression)

Fixed: Player - tracker music - noise appears on some files after seeking

Fixed: Player - value from the year field is displayed instead of title, if file contains ID3v1 tag only

Fixed: Player does not divide audio file with CUE sheet when opening it from File Manager

Fixed: Player stops playing spontaneously in some cases

Fixed: Playlist - CUE files in UTF-8 encoding but without the BOM loads incorrectly

Fixed: Playlist - adding the files - playlist files was not ignored when adding the folder

Fixed: Playlist - an error occurs when saving the playlist if it name contains an illegal characters

Fixed: Playlist - app hangs while loading the playlist or adding the files in some cases (regression)

Fixed: Playlist - application works incorrectly after trying to load corrupted files of playlist

Fixed: Playlist - content of active playlist flushes in some cases

Fixed: Playlist - description of the internet radio station is displayed instead of name

Fixed: Playlist - files always added to playing playlist instead of active playlist on some devices

Fixed: Playlist - playable track does not highlighted in playlist in some cases

Fixed: Playlist - playlist scrolls to the end of list after the end of track from other playlist

Fixed: Playlist - sorting by date of modification

Fixed: Playlist - the "Send to" command does not take item clipping into account when checking file existence in target playlist.

Fixed: Playlist - tracks displays without titles in some cases after loading the CUE sheet as playlist

Fixed: Scheduler - playback stops after each track if the "at playlist end" options is selected

Fixed: Scheduler - small bugs are fixed

Fixed: Time Picker Dialog - the content blends with background on Android 5.1

Fixed: UI - size of main menu calculates incorrectly

Fixed: UI - the Save Playlist dialog - an error occurs when trying to change target folder

Fixed: UI - the Save Playlist dialog - unusable layout of dialog in landscape orientation

Fixed: Widget - widgets stops working after remove one of them

Fixed: Widgets - content of widget does not show on lock screen if the "Hide sensitive notification content" is switched on in system settings

Fixed: Widgets - widget from notification area has no background on some devices

Fixed: an java.lang.ClassCastException exception at ViewPager.onRestoreInstanceState

Fixed: player - application sometime crashes after playing last track in playlist

Fixed: player - information about the playable track is not refreshed when playing set with CUE sheet

Fixed: player - player status calculates incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: player - plays small part of previous track if user switches to another track when player is paused

Fixed: player - some settings resets to defaults after restart the app (regression)

Fixed: player - the "playlist is empty" error occurs when clicking the "play" button after clear and add new files to playing playlist

Fixed: player - there are no information about the playable track in main screen, if track format is M4A

Fixed: playlist - app stops loading information about tracks if playlist has been changed while information are loading

Fixed: playlist - application does not support playlists from v1.02

Fixed: playlist - playing playlist become active after screen rotation

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