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Common change log

Audio converter: presets for the OGG aoTuV command line encoder has been added (thanks to Soolo)

Bookmarks: support for "find missed files"

General: added the %ReplaceEx(..) macro

General: localizations has been updated

General: optimizations for small notebook screens

Music Library: support for mathematic operators with data of the "year" field

Music library: DB requests optimization

Music library: improved performance of operations on large databases

Player: added the "Rotating the mouse wheel off the controls adjusts volume" option

Player: command to open sound effects manager and focus the "DSP/VST" tab

Player: new hidden option - MinimizeAppOnDblClick (ref. to Help)

Playlist: M3U - support for #EXTALBUMARTURL tag

Playlist: ability to delete track along with the parent folder

Playlist: batch export and update operations

Playlist: an ability to search whole phrase - just enclose the phrase in quotes

Playlist: improved performance of operations on large playlists

Playlist: reading speed of files in XSPF format has been increased twice

Plugins: information bar - ability to show app's notifications

Plugins: information bar - the "%Playlist" macro has been added

Plugins: information bar - the "Card" now remembers position set by user

Plugins: API has been extended

Plugins: BASS_FLAC - updated to v2.4.5.4

Plugins: BASS_OPUS - updated to v2.4.2.4

Plugins: FLAC encoder has been updated to v1.4.3

Plugins: added an ability to plug the VST-effects directly from their work folders

Sound engine: ability to use few DSP plugins at same time

Sound engine: support for 768 kHz sampling rate

Sound engine: support for VST-plugins

Sound engine: algorithm of silence detection and removing on track edges has been improved

Tag Editor: added support of "Key" tag field

Tag Editor: detailed information about the errors

Tag Editor: now you can choose format for lyrics export

Tag editor: ability to undo last three changes

Tag editor: certain actions now processes in separate thread

Tags: the "save album art to file folder" option has been added

Tags: support for EUC-encodings

UI: hints for alternative controls actions

UI: improved support of Windows dark mode

Fixed: DSP manager - the Ok button in EQ presets dialog is always inaccessible (regression 2512)

Fixed: equalizer - an empty name can be used for new preset

Fixed: music library - playback accounting works incorrectly for short tracks with 100% threshold

Fixed: music library - the "find missed files" does not work for local files (regression 2527)

Fixed: other minor issues

Fixed: player - remote file's meta are resets on start playing the file (regression 5.30)

Fixed: player - stream information resets on start playback using the aimp_openmpt plugin

Fixed: playlist - XSPF - importing the playlist containing a group information lead to memory corruption

Fixed: playlist - an error occurs on attempt to show context menu, if playlist contains virtual tracks (regression 5.30)

Fixed: playlist manager - the "file not found" error occurs on attempt to delete few playlist files physically (regression 5.30)

Fixed: plugins - BASS_ALAC - unable to play ALAC-files with 64-bit atom header

Fixed: plugins - issues related to backward compatibility

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the "pause playback on end of ..." scenario does not work anymore (regression 5.30)

Fixed: plugins - scheduler - the "pause playback" command works as resume too

Fixed: plugins - scrobbler - scrobbling for internet radio does not work (regression 5.30)

Fixed: radio capture - meta-information about the station is unavailable (regression 5.30)

Fixed: radio capture - meta-information that defined on playlist side is unavailable for macros (regression 5.30)

Fixed: skin engine - binding link with file rating works incorrectly (regression 2527)

Fixed: skin engine - errors with finishing the drag-operation on external cancel event

Fixed: skin engine - lyrics search request cannot be aborted (regression 2527)

Fixed: skin engine - prvPlaybackQueue.NextTrackInfo does not react to queue changes

Fixed: skin engine - snap to screen edges and other windows does not work (regression 5.30)

Fixed: sound engine - VST - AV on attempt to reinitialize the plugin

Fixed: sound engine - WASAPI output mode is unavailable for Windows Vista

Fixed: sound engine - an error occurs on app termination if one of standard sound effects is active (regression 5.30)

Fixed: sound engine - duration of certain MP3 files with VBR calculates incorrectly

Fixed: sound engine - errors in operations with certain VST2-plugins

Fixed: sound engine - peak based volume normalization works incorrectly (regression 5.30)

Fixed: sound engine - state of volume normalizer resets after app restart (regression 5.30)

Fixed: sound engine - value of silence duration for removing option uses incorrectly

Fixed: tag editor - settings of the "additional information" pane resets after app restart

Fixed: tags - AAC - ID3 / APE tags are ignored

Fixed: tags - AIFC - incorrect information about audio stream