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Common change log

Audio converter: new encoding mode - "single folder - single file"

DSP-manager: ability to remove silence longer than 0.5 seconds

DSP-manager: now you can specify different preamp values for the "on-the-fly analysis" or "value from tags" modes

Default skin: ability to customize text size for lyrics box

General: the %today() macro has been added

Lyrics: support for lyrics that embedded to CUE sheet

Music LIbrary: table - ability to specify action by double click on table items

Music library: core - performance of DB engine has been improved

Music library: table - cards in group details view mode are now groups by value of first displaying field

Plugins: new built-in visualization called "album art" has been added

Plugins: compatibility with plugins from v2.60 has been improved

Tag editor: ability to start autonumeration from specified index

Tag editor: support for the "delete word left/right from cursor" commands in text boxes

Tag editor: the %random() macro now can be used without argument, in this case maximal value will be equal to number of files to process

Tag editor: the %random(a) macro has been added

Fixed: AudioConverter - calculation of total progress does not take files duration into account

Fixed: AudioConverter - stat does not take all parts of the output file into account, if it has been divided into several physical files during conversion

Fixed: AudioConverter - the "remove sources on successful conversion" does not work with audio files that split by CUE sheet

Fixed: audio converter - tracks are skipped in some cases if the "one folder to one file" mode is used

Fixed: common - UTF-8 detection algorithm works incorrectly on windows with chinese locale

Fixed: common - app cannot be minimized to taskbar if app's taskbar button hidden via app settings

Fixed: general - control's images in dialogs displays too small if app is running on monitor with scale factor more or equal to 200%

Fixed: lyrics - LRC - value of the "offset" tag processes incorrectly

Fixed: lyrics - the "find in internet" option does not work with non-local files

Fixed: music library - apps hangs on invoke context menu with custom labels at first time if one or more DB operations are active in background

Fixed: music library - canceling background task may leads to hangs the app

Fixed: music library - grouping / filtering works incorrectly with the "copyrights" field

Fixed: music library - grouping tree - quick search value specified in one data source affects to other

Fixed: music library - grouping tree preset editor - default sorting value is displayed incorrectly

Fixed: music library - scrollbar position of table resets on delete files from table

Fixed: music library - the "disk was not found" error occurs on app startup, if paths with unknown drives are in the list for monitor while running

Fixed: player - apps hangs during internet radio playback if the "skip silence" option is switched on

Fixed: player - replaygain - preamp for values from tags affects to default replaygain value

Fixed: player - the "restore playback position for each playlist" works incorrectly in some cases

Fixed: playlist - auto-generated name cannot be put as user defined name

Fixed: playlist - auto-name generates based on first file only in some cases

Fixed: playlist - click at group header selects all tracks in group including tracks that has been hidden by quick search filter

Fixed: plugins - API - the IAIMPServiceFileTagEditor service cannot be used from non-main thread

Fixed: plugins - InputFFmpeg - memory leaks occurs during playback of files that contains multiple streams

Fixed: plugins - inputFFmpeg - bitrate for files in OPUS file format was not displayed (regression)

Fixed: plugins - inputFFmpeg - displays total bitrate of file instead bitrate of audio stream

Fixed: plugins - - invoking the dialog with track information on app startup leads to hangs the app

Fixed: skin engine - TASETextDisplayEx - auto size works incorrectly if the alignment property is set value different from taLeftJustify

Fixed: skin engine - minor issues has been fixed

Fixed: skin engine - text scaling works incorrectly for skins that does not support for high dpi on system with dpi that differs from 96 dpi

Fixed: skin engine - values that accessible from scripts does not take current scale factor into account

Fixed: tag editor - the album art field does not read from files in OPUS file format

Fixed: tag editor - unexpected behavior on jumping to next track in the list, if the list has been sorted by tag field that was changed during editing

Fixed: tags - ID3v2 - data from the USLT tag field is interpreted incorrectly in some cases

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