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Board Rules
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Rules section (read necessarily)

WARNING! If there is a mark in the subject of the violation, after renewal WRITE any message in your topic of correction (for example: "violation corrected" / "reissued"). So you are telling that the requirements have been met and then pay attention to the your theme with the problem. Otherwise, the theme can get lost.

Lack of knowledge is not a reason to be spoilers.

First, carefully read the topic: [ВАЖНО] Правила форума (читать обязательно) View in Google Translate

1. Entry before creating the topics:

1.1 Before you create a topic, update the player to the latest version and check the reproducibility errors on it, because it could have been corrected on it could not inform the history of changes.
1.2 Also use the search. It is possible that a similar topic already exists.

2. Basis constitutes an topics

2.1 For each bug, create your own topic.
2.2 Topic name must be in the form: [build number] The essence of the problem.
Example: [33] Reset position playlist.
2.3 Name topics should reflect the basic idea, the essence of topics (topics with titles "glitch-c", "a small problem" and others do not carry semantic load can be removed).
2.4 Prefix build number (Only write a developer or moderator!)
       - No - the developer this topic has not yet watched
      - [ X ] - Fixed
      - [ ? ] - The problem is not repeated
      - [ + ] - Decided
2.5 If you wish to leave a comment on the player, before the prefix to put the build number prefix [3].

3. Content of the topic:

3.1 Try to describe as detailed as possible the problem.
If you can not explain in words - try to take a photo or video. Videos can be uploaded to another site and provide a link. (Example)
3.2 If you have a problem with the file, radio and etc., let's link to the file itself.
If you got out the window with bug reports, bug reports you can put files or text.
3.3 The message indicates the name of your device, the version of its OS (operating system) in the details view (eg, Samsung i9250, Android 4.2.2).

4. Release of the new build:

4.1 The release of a new build to check the reproducibility of old bugs:
- If the error is corrected and you have not played it more, then report this post of a topic about this problem.
- If not - update the topic title, remove the prefix and report that the error is not corrected (new message).
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Перевод не профессиональный и основан на части моих знаний, поэтому могут быть лексические, реже грамматические ошибки.
Hayo Tee:

--- Цитировать ---has not yet watched
--- Конец цитаты ---
Кажется не подходить. did not yet look будет вернее...
позвольте поитересоваться, а зачем в этом разделе правила на английском языке? все темы на русском.
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--- Цитата: Creator от Сентября 03, 2014, 17:55:17 ---позвольте поитересоваться, а зачем в этом разделе правила на английском языке? все темы на русском.

--- Конец цитаты ---
Так как английская ветка не содержит разделов андроид-версии, но в большой степени для формальности
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