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Title: Suggestions for improvements in some Context menus and the Audio converter
Post by: Saltzer on June 23, 2022, 07:14:34
I am happy user of your player which is world best! Thank you very much for your hard work! I have suggestions for some useful IMHO improvements in several context menus and the Audio converter:

I. The context menu of the Playlists section:

1. To be added command: "Close all playlists" (Now commands are "Close playlist" and "Close other playlists")
OR the commands to be only 2: "Close playlist" and "Close all playlists" (more reasonable IMHO)

II. Main context menu of the currently played playlist section:

1. In the main context menu of this section the commands: "File info" and "File location" to be positioned on the first 2 places in the context menu.

2. Also in the main context menu in the currently played playlist section: instead "Remove selected files" to be "Remove unchecked files"

3. To be added command below the current "Send to" command: "Send checked files to": submenu with 2 positions: "Tag editor" and "Audio convertor".

4. "Removal" context submenu:
Instead "Physically delete selected files" to be "Physically delete unchecked files" - more reasonable and convenient IMHO.

Checked and Unchecked file illustration - the file attached: 12 - checked, 13 - unchecked.

If you accept this (suggestion 4) it will be better the command "Physically delete currently playing file" to be removed.

The reason for suggestions 2, 3 and 4 above is that in many skins the selected files are not very clearly visible which leads to mistakes. On the other hand the users usually check the files that they want to listen and keep and uncheck unwanted.

III. Audio converter:

1. In "Move output to" the command "..." (the third on the right) to open the folder where files that will be converted are located. This way the user may add there "New Folder" as subfolder for temporary location for the converted files easy and fast.

2. The "Preferences" button at the upper right side may be removed. More convenient is the "Preferences" button that is already located at the bottom left side.

Thank you for your attention!
Title: Re: Suggestions for improvements in some Context menus and the Audio converter
Post by: Artem on June 23, 2022, 09:26:01
1.1 You cannot close all playlist, at least one playlist must be opened

2.1 What reason for? If you often use these commands, I suggest to use shortcuts.
2.2 The "Remove disabled (unchecked) files" command is located in menu of "-" button
2.3 You can use "select enabled (checked)" and, next, use the send selected. Check marks are not for selection, it just a switch includes/excludes track to/from playback queue.
2.4 As in #2.2, the command is located in menu of "-" button.

3.1 May be, I don't understand what exactly you mean here, but an ability to create new folder is already here.
3.2 The button contains menu with frequently used settings, so it should not be removed.

P.S. Anyway, I planning to make possible customize context menus.