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Название: Installing Add-Ons
Отправлено: BmthSlim от Апреля 01, 2022, 00:30:59
Hiya to all,
               Just installed aimp & getting used to it (Slowly but surely !!),
               After downloading some visualisations, i'm not sure how to impliment them into the App.
               No doubt a simple question to those with experience, But i'm but a simple Newbie  ::) ::) !!

               All help will be greatly appreciated. xx
Название: Re: Installing Add-Ons
Отправлено: sveakul от Апреля 01, 2022, 02:22:40
What visualizations are you referring to?  Plugins from the Add-Ons website section?  Normally the activation procedure for those is to create a subfolder in the AIMP/Plugins folder with the same name as the plugin DLL (e.g., "LVU" for the LVU.dll plugin) and extract all the plugin's files there.  Then, restart AIMP and go to Preferences/Plugins and check the box next to the new plugin.  You could also use the "Install" link at the lower left corner of the GUI Plugins list and point to the package.  Some plugins may have other pre-requisites like specific Visual Studio redists.
Название: Re: Installing Add-Ons
Отправлено: Алексей Долматов от Апреля 01, 2022, 05:06:41
URL form the site: How can I install downloaded Skins / Plugins? (
Installing visualizations is no different from installing plugins. If some (old) plugins (and visualizations) are not placed in the folder of the same name, then they should be placed by analogy with standard plugins in the player folder.