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Название: AIMP 5 M4B Chapters as tracks
Отправлено: nightProwlingCat от Января 02, 2022, 11:14:58
I've found the thread, were it is explained, that for reasons of processing long playlists the chapter support has been redesigned (not splitting as tracks in playlist). This solution however have a small disadvantage, you can't (or can you ?) switch of the "bookmarks" off, like the tracks in the playlist. I suppose this feature is not coming back at any point ? It's not a huge problem, i can keep the V4 around for that purpose, but it was rather easy and comfortable way of handling the M4B, and V5 has some nice features (the fb2k like scheduler etc.) ... Possibly a fork of V5 with "chapters as tracks" for some annoying chaps like me ? ;)

Edit: I've found i can use the CUE Sheet alongside the M4B (exporting the chapters from m4b), and it may actually be more practical - the CUE is much more friendly to editing then the chapters in the file at this point (i mean inside the player itself), and is apparently preferred in library, so that's fine, only a  little hustle with providing these CUEs (i'm using the fre:ac for that purpose)
Название: Re: AIMP 5 M4B Chapters as tracks
Отправлено: carbonic от Января 07, 2022, 23:50:18
Just upgraded and came across this issue as well. Would be good to have an option in settings to turn on chapters. I have many .m4b files that don't have a corresponding .cue file.