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Title: winamp ML vs aimp ML
Post by: circcc on August 16, 2021, 23:48:30
After using only winamp, I tried aimp for a few days.
However, to be honest, aimp's media library function is not good.
winamp's media library is intuitive and efficient while consuming less space. aimp is very inconvenient because it uses multiple stairs in one tree.
Please see the attached screenshot.
aimp has a modern design, but there are many inconveniences.
I go back to winamp again.
Title: Re: winamp ML vs aimp ML
Post by: Artem on August 17, 2021, 08:30:17
Winamp library is intuitive and has better UX? Really?
I think you're just used to it.

AIMP has more settings and features to work with music library:
1. Grouping tree filter is multi-level and so flexible to display it in two list boxes (as Winamp does)
2. AIMP has index filter like real notebooks
3. AIMP has incremental filtering in grouping tree and table views
4. AIMP provides an ability to filter the content by column value without creating special template (unlike Winamp)

Next, we have not mixed playlists and library (its different things).