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Title: раскрасить плейлист
Post by: Altometer on July 28, 2021, 09:03:47
доброго дня. подскажите, можно ли как-то руками задать разный цвет нужным трекам в плейлисте?

I told you..." "Shush you. Don't insult me. I'm alone, you're lonely. I find you attractive. I hope you find me the same." "Oh you're so very cute." "Do you think I'm sexy?" "I, um, well I try not to look." She stood, pulled her shirt over her head. Then she removed her bra, letting me see her perky B cup breasts, bouncing, slightly upturned, pink nipples sitting up. "How about now?" "Oh, yes. Definitely yes." Now Jeannie sat, straddling me. Her hands went around my head, she leaned closer and gave me a tentative kiss. She took one of my hands and place it on her breast. I returned her kiss. Held her breast. I hadn't been with another woman since I wasn't much older than Jeannie. (

I want to. For many reasons. Mostly because I like you." She was trying to put me at ease. It was barely working. We kissed. I held her breast, having forgotten what a 20 year old breast felt like in my hand. Standing out on it's own, yet soft enough to jiggle and sway as she moved. I squeezed gently, feeling it mold to my grip, her nipple hardening. Jeannie's hand was under my shirt, moving through the sparse wirey hair on my chest, kissing my lips, offering her tongue. As she did this her hand wandered over my no longer flat stomach. My mind wondering how she found this old man interesting in a sexual way. I felt silly, slightly uncomfortable touching her youthful body. Why me? (

you  been with no one for about 6 years. I was nervous. Afraid to make a fool of myself. Or to disappoint Jeannie, or embarass myself. She kissed me again, more forcefully. "It's  me. Make me feel safe." So I put my arms around Jeannie, held her to me. She made a sound that was more like a satisfied purr. Her free hand continued to stroke my skin, to show me that she didn't find me old and undesirable. I was asking myself how I could pass up this opportunity to be with a young cute woman? "Jeannie, are you sure you want to do this? I'm, close to three times your age. You're younger than my daughter." "I like older men. I lost my virginity to a guy near 40. (
Title: Re: раскрасить плейлист
Post by: Soolo on July 28, 2021, 09:09:42