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Title: Suggestion: DSP Manager / Sound Effects: Priorize "Remove Silence" over "Mixing"
Post by: on June 30, 2021, 21:32:01
Hello all,

I would like to make a suggestion about the DSP Manager / Sound Effects dialog window and its tabs Mixing (with Cross-mixing and the two Track Switching features), and Remove Silence.

Currently, Cross-mixing has priority over Remove Silence if both functions are enabled at the same time. For instance, take a look at these two enabled functions in the screenshots below.


With both functions enabled simultaneously, the Mixing tab takes precedence over the Remove Silence tab. With the configuration shown in the screenshots above, despite the silence threshold set in the Remove Silence tab, AIMP will still wait for the track to reach its latest 7,000 milliseconds to jump to next track. I would like this to be otherwise.

I would like AIMP to first monitor the threshold and just then the remaining time for track switching. This offers a more radio-like transition between tracks, because it focuses more on the intensity/volume of the track rather than the remaining time.

Or at least, I would like an option for the user to choose which tab takes priority —either Mixing or Remove Silence.

Thank you for reading.