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Название: Lyrics Editor
Отправлено: Okatajames от Июня 05, 2021, 13:42:45
Hello AIMP users, I'm new to the forum, today is my first day actually. I've used AIMP for about 5 years now, and have multiple audio files on my laptop (almost 10,000 audio files), I was suggesting that for lyrics, the AIMP Dev Team uses the Genius website for lyrics ( I have no idea what lyrics engine/ site they use for now, but I tried downloading lyrics automatically using the option provided on the tag editor, and my it is returning lyrics in a rather no-English language. The songs I tried out were from this album, and these lyrics exist on the genius site and app. I was suggesting that they embed the lyrics from the Genius site into the PC software, or alternatively give multiple choices like AZ, METROLYRICS, etc.
I'm not aware of the relationship between AIMP team and the Genius website Team though.
Название: Re: Lyrics Editor
Отправлено: sveakul от Июня 05, 2021, 19:36:05
Replace the file "aimp_webLyrics.ini" in the Plugins/aimp_webLyrics folder with the one attached (unzip first) and you will see results from Genius, AZLyrics, Musixmatch, and Songlyrics.  These entries have been modified/added by sabadell66.  I have kept a line that ID's the source of the returned lyrics at the beginning, if you don't want that go into the ini and remove the line that starts with "LyricsPageTextPostProcessExpression."
Название: Re: Lyrics Editor
Отправлено: sveakul от Июня 20, 2021, 04:48:39
Update to my last post:  unfortunately has changed its search algorithm again, and now even the modified script by sabadell66 no longer works.  This only happened within about the last 10 days.  My hope is that sabadell66 will supply us with a new version, which he so generously has done in the past.  That source accounted for the majority of my lyrics hits.