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Title: Internet Radio: Cookie support (skip Pre-Roll Ads)
Post by: sn0 on July 28, 2020, 21:01:36
it seems that AIMP (or bass.dll) doesn't store HTTP (session)-cookies sent from streamservers. It's good for privacy, but sometimes it's annoying because without sending the cookie, some streamservers play their pre-roll ads again and again at every reconnect.

This happens if the streams interrupts due to a bad connection or if you like to zap through the stations (like me).
If you play the same stream in an Webbrowser, it reconnects without playing the Ad again.

Here is a stream that currently uses a cookie for user-identification / Ad-playout:

The server-side http-header is:
Code: [Select]
Set-Cookie: uuid=6554ca3c-15d2-4eaf-b986-9c200db7a4cf; expires=Thu, 27 Aug 2020 19:21:35 GMT; path=/;
Would be great to see some basic cookie-support in a future version if it's possible. :)

Thanks once again for this awesome piece of software. I love using AIMP every single day. 8)

I've found a workaround that at least works for StreamTheWorld streams: Just add an random "uuid" as URL-parameter like this: