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Title: [Android CarPc /Tablet] Song & Artist Title
Post by: kakamal on January 08, 2020, 10:57:08
Firstly I would like to thanks to Artem/the AIMP team for this awesome app. I'm using this AIMP for my Android Head Unit and happy for it. Very light and no lagging like some other apps.

I'm pretty happy with the Pandemic AIMP v1 skin provided by this app (Tablet mode). Bigger Album cover more like Spotify. However I noticed the Songs & Artist Title is way too small and like not located at the proper place. Sometimes feels like I have no idea what song is currently playing.

It would be great if the Songs & Artist Title can be moved below or top of the album cover (Pic attached) the like of Charm Illusion skin. Thank you in advance ;) .