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Title: Option to switch mouse wheel direction for seek bar
Post by: Dreamer on December 01, 2019, 18:04:02
For me it's intuitive to seek forward with wheel down and seek backward with wheel up, also in web browsers and text editors wheel down scrolls forward, to next lines, not to previous - the same in AIMP playlist, wheel down scrolls down, to the next songs, but currently it works vice versa in AIMP - seek bar.

Please add option to switch mouse wheel for seek only, to seek backward with wheel up and seek forward with wheel down - but for volume it should be preserved - minus = wheel down, plus = wheel up.

Perhaps the option also to switch wheel for volume would be useful, but it's not needed for me, current behavior is intuitive.


EDIT: I just want to say, that it's just an option, even if it would be implemented, you could still choose the wheel direction.