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Title: [FULL] AUGUSTUS-L & FX (user PIN protected) PC Skin v.1.0 [AIMP4.5]
Post by: DolfBosman on November 19, 2019, 19:14:35
New futures for AIMP skins ! ?
I have added a PIN protection design future for the "unwanted fiddling" on your skin by some one else.
Simply lock your skin with the "KEY" button on your skin, go do your thing, come back and put in your PIN and your skin is accessible again.
With AUGUSTUS-FX you also have the opportunity to get your name or any name to be engraved/displayed on the skin.
Both these skins have skins within a skin.

Apologies for the picture quality. I had to resize them a little for this post.

AUGUSTUS-L            [ File size : 1.91 MB (2,000,578 bytes) ]


- No PIN protection.
- No personal name engraved (displayed) onto your skin.
- Design functions limited.
- Life long license.
Direct download        :
or Visit                     :

How to install :

AUGUSTUS-FX           [ File size : 4.25 MB (4,467,288 bytes) ]


- Skin is PIN protected. When PIN is activated on skin, nothing on the skin will work with mouse, except volume. Keyboard will still
- Get your name engraved (displayed) onto your skin.
- All design functions.
- Admin or user PIN or 1 PIN for both. ( Admin PIN very handy )
- Life long license. (license for 3 PC's)
Visit  to get your copy of AUGUSTUS-FX or a copy as a gift to some one.

YouTube: AUGUSTUS-FX futures  :

How to install :

See more screen shots :

Runs on Windows Vista/7/8/10
Aimp vers. 4.5 and newer.
Min. screen size: 1440x900 (recommended size)

For those who is wondering how long i have worked on this project, well, a long time and
giving an example for how to incorporate the PIN into a skin, not at this time.

There will be also no updates or any design changes requests done for now.

Both skins were thoroughly tested on different PC's.

Comments are welcome.

Happy Music all skinners and Aimpers!!!

Author : Rudolph Bosman