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Title: projectM (Milkdrop) visualizer for AIMP
Post by: xeo on October 25, 2019, 22:11:13
Anyone know if there is projectM (Milkdrop port) for download as plugin for AIMP/Winamp?
Title: Re: projectM (Milkdrop) visualizer for AIMP
Post by: Turk303 on November 28, 2020, 18:12:27
IF only - I've spent far too many hours searching for visi's & trying to get them to work with Aimp4.
The 1 thing AIMP lacks is a quality visualiser or the ability to at least host those (leftover relics) from soundjam etc.

Classic Spectrumn 1.3.1 is about the only "visualiser" I use with AIMP - If I want "pretty" I use MusicBee. (If only someone could "wrap" iTunes's visualiser to work in other players, (ignoring the meh apple of it all), it's a damn good visualiser.

G.Force standalone (I assume there's still no instal for gforce for aimp*) is an option but being standalone = extra resources not forgetting the free version has immersion breaking pop ups.

It's a pity as MilkDrop is in the top 3 of visi's and with the far more powerful hardware we have access to compared to a decade ago when most of them were made, not seeing a new vis on the block is disappointing to say the least.
I'd love to buy a small projector purely for visualisers might still do and just buy GForce but how soon will a handful of visualisers become repetitive?

Do people really not like them anymore??