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Title: Audeze Reveal
Post by: bobo on October 11, 2019, 10:29:06
I need help with Audeze Reveal plugin installation. I tried to install it, but I could not do it. Thank you.
Title: Re: Audeze Reveal
Post by: sveakul on October 11, 2019, 19:09:23
That's a VST plugin;  AIMP has no native VST host to install it to.  First you'll have to download "VST Bridge for WinAmp compatible Media Player", dsp_vst.dll, available here: ( .  Then:

1.  Use 7-zip to extract the contents of the installer (don't install it).

2.  Find "dsp_vst.dll" within the contents, make a subfolder in the AIMP "Plugins" directory named "dsp_vst", and copy the file dsp_vst.dll into it.

3.  Start AIMP and be sure it appears as checked in the AIMP plugins list.

4.  In the AIMP Sound Effects tab, select "VST Host DSP v.1.1.6 for Winamp" from the DSP Plugins drop-down box.

5.  Hit "Preferences", which will call up the Host, and add your Audeze VST plugin to it from wherever you have it on your PC.  There's a PDF inside the dsp's download you extracted in #1 that tells you how it's GUI works.

6.  Configure the Audeze as you wish.

There is no guarantee that the host will work properly with every VST plugin because it's 10 years old.  It only accepts one VST plugin at a time, unless you first load a chainer like the Acon Effects Chainer.  Plugins must be 32-bit.