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Title: MP4 "Conductor" tag
Post by: neuromatto on April 23, 2019, 14:44:04
Hi there, not sure this is a bug, altough it looks like it is.
I am writing a program that adds metadata to audio files, in different formats. Everything goes well with ID3 V1 and V2 (on MP3 and AIF) and FLAC. I can see everything right with AIMP (and Foobar and MP3Tag).

However, whit MP4 containers, i have a problem with the "Conductor" tag being loaded by AIMP. I use KID3-CLI to save the tags into the MP4 files.
The tag is there (i can see it with Foobar or MP3Tag), but it does not appear in the AIMP "MP4" metadata window. I have tried to add a test value via AIMP interface and the result (i can see it with both Foobar and MP3Tag) is that, after saving, i have two "Conductor" frames: one with the value i saved with my software and one with the test value i have added with AIMP.

But in AIMP i only see the test value. If, with Foobar or MP3Tag i delete the second frame (the test one), i save and load again the file with AIMP, then i can now see the original value in AIMP as well.

Not a big deal, just thought to tell you guys.
Title: Re: MP4 "Conductor" tag
Post by: neuromatto on April 23, 2019, 14:46:40
ERRATA CORRIGE: "... in the "M4A" window"
Title: Re: MP4 "Conductor" tag
Post by: oɹʇuʞ on April 23, 2019, 18:18:11


Could you upload a M4A file you have edited, please? Attach it here or upload it to any filesharing website and then paste its link here.