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Title: Custom mouse shortcuts
Post by: Dreamer on April 20, 2019, 17:54:14
AIMP has very good support for keyboard shortcuts, local, 2x global, multimedia key support, but it has very limited mouse buttons/shortcuts support.

I'm already using external program as workaround, but not everything is possible.

AIMP has very useful feature, middle click in playlist to quickly add item to queue, but how many users know about this?

My request is to add custom mouse shortcuts, another column in the Hot keys option, so any command could be assigned to any mouse button, mouse shortcut or keyboard+mouse shortcuts.

- left button
- left double click
- middle button
- right button
- wheel up
- wheel down
- wheel tilt left
- wheel tilt right
- keyboard+mouse shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl+wheel, Shift+wheel...
- mouse shortcuts, e.g. right+left button, right button+wheel...*

* I'm not sure if this is possible, it's probably not a standard, but it's useful, of course, this is not so important.

I can assign all these to any command using the HotkeyP program, but it's for main AIMP window and playlist, I can't create different commands for main window and playlist.

Few examples:

1) Wheel to change volume is useful for some users, but I need the same volume and I often change it by mistake, when I want to scroll the playlist, so I'd like to disable the option "change volume with wheel" completely.

2) Wheel tilt is very useful and many mice has this feature, I'm using it for tab change in browsers, file managers, in AIMP I'm using it to switch the song/file, but it's possible only using external program, like HotkeyP or AutoHotkey. Another problem is, that I can't use different command for playlist.

Thanks in advance.