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Title: AIMP Analog VU Meter Plugin_True Peak indication
Post by: AColvin on February 20, 2019, 13:17:37

I have a couple of questions/suggestions. In the current beta or next beta, would it be possible to add a feature to configure the analog meter plugin to indicate true peak audio levels rather than just RMS averaging? As accurate as the meter seems to be on most content, it sometimes under reads audio levels by as much 6 to 10dB or more during instantaneous peaks . This is most noticable during quite passages where the modulation is still pretty high after processing. I'm using Stereo Tool to process audio, and also using the analog meter as a secondary "proof of performance" meter similar to an analog FM modulation meter which generally have instantaneous response characteristics. Those devices read levels at true peak. To note, I have the analog meter calibrated to match Stereo Tool's max output level.

Secondly, the fall back time of the meter during dead silence or dead roll between songs is really slow. It slowly crawls down, which then takes a second or more for the meter to catch up in level when new audio is presented that comes in loud. That's where some of the under reading occurs, as it's lagging behind until it reaches full level. Is it possible to add an attack and decay timing setting to change the response characteristics of the meter so that it tracks the audio envelope exactly dB for dB?

Title: Re: AIMP Analog VU Meter Plugin_True Peak indication
Post by: Artem on February 22, 2019, 21:41:12
Thank you for your suggestions. I hope I will find the free time in near future to implement realistic behavior of Analog Meter.