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Title: [x] AIMP 4.60.2115_Beta Setup Error
Post by: Ubik on February 03, 2019, 21:32:39
Here is the error I am receiving while trying to upgrade to this version:

System Error.  Code: 183.
Cannot create a file when that file already exists
0045b630 AIMP.Setup.exe System.SysUtils                 25995 RaiseLastOSError
0045b5ab AIMP.Setup.exe System.SysUtils                 25978 RaiseLastOSError
007acc4f AIMP.Setup.exe uInstaller.Product.AIMP.Actions  1000 TInstallerUpdateTaskUpdateConfigs.DoRename
007acb6c AIMP.Setup.exe uInstaller.Product.AIMP.Actions   988 TInstallerUpdateTaskUpdateConfigs.UpdateFrom4500To4600
007ac6e0 AIMP.Setup.exe uInstaller.Product.AIMP.Actions   961 TInstallerUpdateTaskUpdateConfigs.Update
007ab7fc AIMP.Setup.exe uInstaller.Product.AIMP.Actions   724 TInstallerActionPrepare.ExecuteTasks
007aa9cc AIMP.Setup.exe uInstaller.Product.AIMP.Actions   516 TInstallerActionPrepare.DoExecute
00788f17 AIMP.Setup.exe uInstaller.Engine                 728 TInstallerAction.Execute
00789a0f AIMP.Setup.exe uInstaller.Engine                1070 TInstallerThread.Execute
004a960f AIMP.Setup.exe madExcept                       17476 HookedTThreadExecute
005368b5 AIMP.Setup.exe System.Classes                  14945 ThreadProc
0040a6f8 AIMP.Setup.exe System                          24423 ThreadWrapper
004a94f5 AIMP.Setup.exe madExcept                       17409 CallThreadProcSafe
004a955a AIMP.Setup.exe madExcept                       17459 ThreadExceptFrame
76a40177 KERNEL32.DLL                                         BaseThreadInitThunk
Title: Re: AIMP 4.60.2115_Beta Setup Error
Post by: Artem on February 05, 2019, 14:23:54
Ok, thank you. Looks like you already have the "AlbumArtCache.db" on a disk.