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Название: sharing 2 new-old VU meters, dark and orange
Отправлено: froli от Августа 06, 2017, 07:31:29
Hi Folks,
just finished 2 VU meters. Too nice to use them only by myself so I share them now.
No idea about Facebook & Co here (if that would be better sharing?).


I did some similar years ago (dll vers.) but only with the new zip vers. I managed to realize the movement of the center magnet of really old VU meters.
I was dreaming of that since a long time.. ;)

To activate them copy the 2 zip's into
folder and restart AIMP4. Have fun!

- they are full sized (close to 4:3) like some Skins show (Retrix, Pandemic..). My favourite Skin is Retrix2 2.0.acs4, some others might crop them.
- they will only work in newer AIMP versions who have this \aimp_AnalogMeter\Skins folder in Plugins.
- may be there are skins that show the VU meter in larger size than Retrix, then may be it could be useful to slim the needle a bit. Just let me know.

Remark to Retrix Skins:
The last was done before the zip-ages so he could not realize that his skins have a bug - all zipped meters show the right meter noticeable blurry.
May be he has noticed this long ago or may be somebody here could give him a hint..

Finally thank you to all AIMP developers for this great player!

Here the downloads:


And again, have fun!
Название: Re: sharing 2 new-old VU meters, dark and orange
Отправлено: froli от Августа 14, 2017, 04:25:08
Ok some improvements and new..

a) Orange magnet better centered (download should be the same as above as google tells me?).

b) Froli_Dark_s for slim - some letters slightly changed + slim needle

c) Dark_framed in grey and blue steel - added org. Frame



Dark_Froli_framed (gray)

Dark_Froli_frame-B (blue)

Himera Skin allows to open an extra free resizable anywhere placeable window for VU meters, wow!
If you know other dark Skins having similar features please leave me a note, thanx!

Froli_Orange features extra fat letters for skins showing the VU meters small like the Pandemic.
Название: Re: sharing 2 new-old VU meters, dark and orange
Отправлено: AColvin от Февраля 16, 2019, 15:52:14
Hi. How would I build one these from the ground up? I found a modulation meter skin that I'm using. It was taken from the Belar modulation meter but it seems that the decay time on the meter is a bit slow. The attack time sometimes under reads the actual peak level. The physical Belar meter's ballistics response is quite rapid on attack and decay, and it's switchable between semi peak and true peak. That's actually what I'm looking for but I don't think that any of the analog meter skins I've found so far can have their attack and decay times adjusted. I think they're RMS only. Any ideas or suggestions on this?
Название: Re: sharing 2 new-old VU meters, dark and orange
Отправлено: froli от Апреля 30, 2019, 12:17:02
During the years I've forgotten most. But to build a vu meter by yourself is quite simple. Just download one that is similar to what you want, unpack zip examine + understand everything, replace the png's with yours (similar size), understand + edit the ini -> try&error in AIMP and you're done.

attack/decay time - is also adjustable here (mobilityNegative= / mobilityPositive=). I dont like fast fidgeting needles so slowed them a bit down like real analog VU meters are.