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Title: Request: Mixcloud Plugin
Post by: unc0nnected on May 03, 2016, 15:27:21
With more and more artists moving off of Soundcloud and over to Mixcloud it would be amazing if we could get a plugin with the same functionality as the Soundcloud plugin but for MixCloud.  Anyone see any technical obstacles preventing this from being a reality?
Title: Re: Request: Mixcloud Plugin
Post by: ᏦᏁᎢᎵᏫ on May 03, 2016, 20:16:18
Hi unc0nnected!

I've already ask this to AdrianEddy, the author of SoundCloud plugin for AIMP ( This is his reply:


I've checked out the Mixcloud API reference, and unfortunately it says:
Of course it is possible to hack out the streams from the web app or mobile app, but it's not as straightforward as just getting the URL via official API. And it's most likely against the Mixcloud terms of service.

I'm not using the Mixcloud personally and I have a lot of other projects going on, so unfortunately I'm not going to make the plugin for AIMP for now.

Source code for my plugins is open to everyone so you're welcome to create one yourself though :)

Best Regards,
Title: Re: Request: Mixcloud Plugin
Post by: Killy on May 11, 2019, 22:48:07 (
The audio streams are not available through the Mixcloud API. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, we need to know what has been listened to so that we can report usage, pay royalties and provide features such as 'Suggested Shows'.Secondly, Mixcloud needs to pay the bills! We can't give away the audio for free outside of simply because it costs us to host and stream the files and pay royalties.