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Title: [x] [AIMP2 for Android] player status
Post by: fbpw131 on September 23, 2015, 17:42:24

I have a HTC One SV  (Androi 4.2.2 / Sense 5).

I'm experiencing some bizarre issues with the android player widget and notification drawer player:
1. the play/pause icon sometimes is not synced with the player's status. It happens when I listen to streaming radio, but when I tap play, if the reception is bad, the music will start a little late (3-4 seconds), but the play/pause button will not update, showing the play icon instead of pause. If I tap it, the button toggles, but that's it, but if I tap it again, it works as expected and stops the music.
2. Sometimes when I stop the music from the notification drawer thingy by tapping the "x", the music stops, the thingy disappears but after a few seconds, the music starts playing again and the thingy appears back.

Reply if you need more clarification. Perhaps I will make a video for (1) if the explanation is not clear enough.
Title: Re: [AIMP2 for Android] player status
Post by: jozheg on September 24, 2015, 17:48:21
Хочу добавить от себя:
Не переключается состояне кнопки Play/Pause если:
1) Поставить композицию на паузу.
2) Вручную перемотать на другую позицию в треке.
3) Нажать на Play.
Песня начинает воспроизводиться, но кнопка по-прежнему показывает треугольник.
Android 4.4.2. Build 235.